Grobbulus (You -DO- belong)


Looking "For The HORDE on Grobby. We are a Warlock, Hunter and Priest. 3 of us ready to go.
Simo, &


Ed here. Went horde for Grobb :slight_smile:

(Fenshire) #97

#GrobbMob for life, fam!

See you all on the battlefield!


I will be there. No need to panic.

Seriously. I’m rolling a Druid. No need to panic.


Good, maybe grob might be able to have some community. Instead of herod with 70k split between 20 layers


Guilds need to post in this thread so I can get them on the list:


Exactly! We welcome pvpers even if they don’t RP much, just be mindful of their communities dual interests.


The discord already has like 3k people.

Server will be fine.


too bad it’s a pst server. where hell is rppvp east


Grob will treat you better than that abusive queue heavy Herod.


Grobulus will cost you in his slimey love.


Yeah, that realm seemed to be crashed… I was able to get into other server and not that one -_-…


Sucks this had to happen to the one RPPVP server.



edit: this asinine forum software does not indicate who you were responding to or if just thinking out loud.


The unavailability for the first 40 mins of launch, the redirected logins off of Grobulus onto Atiesh and Mankrik.


Oh “that”. It was not across the board. I was able to get into Grobby’s character creation multiple times within those first 40 minutes, while others in the discords were having their realm changed on it’s own to Atiesh multiple times.

If I was a little bit more cynical I would don my tinfoil had and state a belief that Grobby logins were set up differently than the others, and different behind the scenes stuff was going on because of it being the RPPVP server. My larger hat would allow me to speculate it was yet another brick in the wall of whomever is against RPPVP at blizzard.


Nobodies saying it’s intentional lol. It’s just very unfortunate.


Ay mon, I be seeing you.


I will be on here. Names reserved and was surprised to see it (and still is) low pop. Emerald Dream since BC when I started.

RP’ers will give the game life forever though as others have said, and pop will grow more when it launches I’m sure.

I so miss RP’ing in general. Hell, I use to never even raid when I started, and had the most fun before server merges/LFG etc happened… I made friends, made random adventures ourselfs. And, it was so fun beating the crap out of geared people in PvP with my lowly dungeon blues!

I am so estatic for this.

I am rolling Alliance, Lock and Warr (unsure which will lvl first) with a lot more to follow!

Long post but god dangit I’m excited. If anyone on here is forming a RP like guild that does… well everything in game AND likes to RP while doing said content, please let me know so we can connect in game.

I await (and hope) someone plans this and informs me on here. I cannot wait to RP while fighting for our lives in Scholo again, or when tracking down gankers for the safety of civilians (lowbies).


Join the Grobb Mob! Our subreddit and discord are already super active!