<Redridge Irregulars> [Grobbulus][RP-PvX/Casual Raiding] Fri/Sat 6:00p-9:30p PST

(Surtruk) #1

The First Auxiliary Battalion of the Redridge Brigade(Colloquially known as the Redridge Irregulars!) is recruiting Roleplayers, casual raiders and avid WPvPers on the RP-PvP server, Grobbulus!

Casual raiding means that we will not enforce any strict race/talent metas on our players, as long as they carry their weight and bring a good attitude! Being casual does not mean we cannot clear content. We will not begin looking to schedule raids until at least a month after launch, giving players plenty of time to level at their own pace. Flex nights are TBD, but we will be raiding Friday/Saturday, from 6:00p-9:30p PST!

Our story is that of an auxiliary battalion formed for the express purpose of integrating the combined tactics of the Alliance’s new allies, and as such, we are welcoming to ALL race/class combinations. Our storyline will be a mix of mercenary/adventuring themes, based of course out of Lakeshire.

As I’m sure most players will expect from a Redridge guild, it is a huge plus for prospective players to have a great interest in joining us for world PvP shenanigans, both to defend the province of Redridge and any other far-flung territories in support of our friends and allies.

If interested, feel free to join our discord(QvuAvt9), or add me at Surtruk#5740!

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:dragon: Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings

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