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Recruitment is OPEN.

If you are interested in our guild, awesome! Please, fill out an application!

For any questions, you can email us at: deadwood-sellswords@outlook.com.

If you prefer discord you can friend me, and message me @Reece#6898

Why RP-PvP?
RP is not forced at all in this guild, but we love the immersion and the community that these servers bring. Expect a light RP environment with plenty of gnome jokes, drunk dwarves and proud night elves sharing banter and dueling each other for racial pride’s sake.

If there ends up being no RP-PvP server type, we will be joining the designated PvP realm chosen by the RP-PvP community.

What is this guild about?
We’re a group of MMO veterans who were big raiders in original World of Warcraft, looking to return to the glory days. We are dedicated to building a well organized and fun environment for veterans and newcomers alike, centered around a solid core guild community. Most of the founding members are a group of RL friends who got tired of joining the already “cliqued” established guilds and wanted to create a guild where anyone can come in and become a main player/leader if they put in the effort to do so.

What to expect from the guild?
Those who join us can expect to be a part of a focused raiding group with no toxicity. We want healthy competition within the guild with members always looking to push each other to have higher attendance rates and higher efficiency, but always in a fun, relaxed setting.

Throughout the leveling phase we expect people to progress at varying paces and we will have organized dungeon groups through all level brackets.

We intend to, in the first phase, really aim for PvE goals, such as attunement and pre-raid gearing. There will be constant guild dungeons being run, and many of us who will be rushing to level cap to get the jump on it have plans to use the gear to help fresh 60’s gear up more quickly and easily.

Once PvP Phases drop there will be many of us doing lots of PvP, but not at the expense of raiding progress.

What we want from our applicants/members.
We’re a group of RL friends who started this guild, as you’ve read above, and we did this because we wanted to not join an already established, politicized guild. We are really looking for groups of RL friends, or maybe a small guild that is looking for a place where they can join and make an impact. That’s us!

Any group of people who bring in 5+ members, will be able to choose 1 member from said group to represent them as an officer in the guild. We want members who are excited about the game, who really want to progress their characters and experience the 40-man raid content.

We’re counting on members to use our discord, that is complete with a vast directory of guides/strategies, to quickly learn the best items and tricks for their classes. We want those who are interested in raiding with us to be a core part of our guild community by being active and participating in regular guild dungeon runs.

Raid Schedule
All schedules are placeholders. They are subject to change based on availability and those who are raid-ready when the time comes. Raid durations will vary.
Wednesday: 8:00PM EST - 11:30PM EST
Sunday: 8:00PM EST - 11:30PM EST
Monday: 8:00PM EST - 11:30PM EST

Proposed Loot System
Fixed Cost DKP
We are currently looking into doing fixed cost items, highest current DKP gets first dibs (within class boundaries). This is not set in stone however and is subject to change between now and the start of the first raid.

Guild Backstory [RP]
The Deadwood Sellswords are an order of mercenaries who emerged some years after the destruction of the Burning Legion, founded by an elven outcast who sought to make a name for himself. The origin of the order’s name comes from the young elf’s sword, a mystical heirloom given to him as a boy. This enchanted blade had a pommel that was crafted from a branch of Vordrassil, a dying world tree, of which the blade drew power, hence the name Deadwood Sellswords. During the early stages of the Horde and Alliance war, he was killed when a routine escort was ambushed. Buried with his sword and armor, his second-in-command has taken charge.

Deadwood Sellswords are not known to be especially ruthless and are willing to shift approach based on the desires of their employers, as they believe payment forms a binding contract. They are known for being non-judgmental and professionals whom carry a reputation for always delivering on their contracts no matter the cost. They continue to improve the reach of their order and seek to carve their names in Azeroth’s history.

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Rp guilds in classic?

Your guild names reads like Deadwood Sells Words.

I thought you were like a RP open mic poetry group.


Not a bad idea. If you’d like, you can join and spearhead the whole poetry thing. We can designate an off raid night, or a pre-raid gathering at our guild designated tavern for those interested in sharing. :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like it! :sunglasses:

(Fanghelm) #5

I would join but those raid times are little to late for me.


I’ve filled out the application. Look forward to raiding classic with you all!


As mercenaries, where would you say y’all land IC when it comes to justice and morality?

I’m rolling Alliance because I want to be the good guys. I plan to RP straight and narrow do gooder types. The whole truth and justice thing.

Sounds like I might be trying to put a square peg in a round hole.


I am Darcassan, Night Elf Druid. I am a founding officer of the guild, known amongst our ranks as a First Sword. It will be an honor to test the steel of any new recruits. Submit the application and join us.



Well, with going with the mercenary theme, we really wanted to lean more towards ambiguity in that respect. We are more RP-Light, and didn’t want to deter people who wanted to role-play in either direction from joining the guild. Our main focus will be completing 40-man content.

If people want to be more of the ‘do-gooders’ they can be, and we’ll gladly take them for their skill in combat and completing a task. Just the same as we’d take those who are more of the ‘wild card’ rogue that we may have to keep in bounds on missions. :yum:


Raiding Schedule is only placeholder right now. It will be based on availability for those who are raid-ready when the time comes.

(Pintero) #11

Hey this is pretty great you’re pushing for this. There’s a guild that has an idea for a sorta Caravan sellsword thing i’ll help build. BUT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY Consider subcrib- huehueuh. I tease but leave a like here or don’t. also if you’re interesting in a Discord where like

70+ folk are all sitting on there hands to see what to do about Rp-pvp server’s


Hey, Pintero! Thanks for posting! Yeah I’ve already signed all the petitions and have posted in that thread a couple times. Thanks for the discord link! Let’s hope Blizz hears us!


Looking forward to this WoW classic launch! really banking on RPPVP servers! Looking for those blizzard devs to come through for us!!!


Found these guys through a classic recruitment discord. Awesome very welcoming group. Me and my 3 friends have joined up. Already feels like I’m in game with the discord activity. :rofl:





Bump it up.


guild seems ok


Sounds very promising. Color me interested.


Thanks for all the messages and applications! We have a lot going on for launch, don’t miss out!


Bamp rofl xd


The Most Epic Bump.