We Die, So You Don't Have Too! [H] [Grunts] [Grobbulus]


A hand extended from the rubble brushing aside the rocks and beams, slowly a battered figure emerged from the ruins.

"Oi, priest! What happened? Where am I?" the figure asked.

"You…sir…are in what is left of an inn." a worn out looking priest replied, though honestly being undead they all looked worn out to the figure.

"Any idea what happened to it, a dragon attack, or was it those Alliance heathens?"

"I believe you and your…guild…yes, I think that names applies, though mob would be more accurate. It has been said that there was a party and it escalated. Yes, escalated I think that is the word that was used." he replied with a sort of stuck up attitude that you only get from being a walking corpse.

The figure grunted, "Party, yeah that was it, someone got a couple of barrels of something questionable and we decided to experiment. Got anything for a headache?"

"No sir, but might I suggest that you rouse your companions, there is a call to arms and your services are required, slight though they may be.

“Right then, lets get to it then’” the figure muttered as he pulled forth a battered name tag that read “Dreadneck”, “Well at least that seems to be in order.”

“UP AND AND AT 'EM YOU LAZY BUGGERS! WE AIN’T GOT ALL DAY!” the answering silence grew as heavy as a rich goblin. “Right then, lets try…”

"WE DIE…!"

“SO YOU DON’T HAVE TOO!” came the resounding response from multiple sources.

With that, Dreadneck started wandering among the ruins looking for his friends, companions, and some of that goblin ale…


Grunts is soon to make a return to Warcraft on the Grobbulus server starting on 8/26!

Our focus will be on rp, world pvp, dungeon runs, questing, and otherwise enjoying a return to days of yore. If you are looking to get your purples, the only ones that we offer will be the ones that you get when your body hits the floor. This will be a laid back approach to the game this time, as we have all had time to pursue other things and see what is out there. For those that are looking to hang out and slap some alliance in the head, weapons optional, then come join us and raise your voice with ours…


My wife and I started Grunts originally on The Venture Co when it first launched, we had a great time for a long time before life happened. We look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones, all are welcome to join us in our quest to make new memories and friends.

Look for Dreadneck Tauren Warrior, or Wyldbill Troll Priestess

:dragon: Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings
:dragon: Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings

Let the madness begin to turn our brains and our lives into a flaming mess


Hail Dreadneck!

I look forward to joining your ranks, albeit reincarnated into a different form. Terriskai lies dead somewhere in a high tower within Karazhan, clutching his shield. He died, so you don’t have too!


Yes you did, and you died well. I was able to escape with squid on a stick and used it to annoy Bloodreaver. We look forward to grouping up with you again! To bad I didn’t think to take the shield as well, could have payed for the repair bill.


Hail Dreadneck!

Greetings Wyld.

Can’t wait to join your ranks once more!


Chopa! The guild will not be the same with you…without you I mean…yeah sure.


((So happy to see the Original Grunts return! I think i still have a welcome letter in the bank from back in Vanilla(Yep it’s still there!). I am even forming a new guild on Grobbulus based on similar principles. Might have to rethink that now that the real Grunts are back!))


We would be happy to have you back onboard or even run with your guild while we ransack the alliance. Cheers!


The Frostwolf Militia would be honored to run with the Grunts and defend the Horse from the Alliance menece once again!


Heres to teaching the alliance to fear the battle cries of Grunts and The Frostwolf Militia. To crossing paths but never blades.


Zarja was once among the Grunts. She will return to burn the alliance banners.
We die!


“Och,” I grunt as I stand up, lifting my neighbor up. “Eh yeah.” I say in slurred voice, pulling down ma kilt, turning to look at my companion.

“Eh! Yer on a dos bloody ponks!” I yell as I pound him back down with me left hoof like a hammer on a nail.

“WE DIE…!” I hears from close.

My ears hurtin’, my horns weaving before me eyes, my skull pounding, yet I cannot help m’self from screamin’ back: “SO YOU DON’T HAV’ TA!”



So you don’t have too! Zarja, it wouldn’t be then same without your blades.