<Frostwolf Militia> [H] RP-PvP Grobbulus


So, you want to join the Militia eh? You sure you can handle it? We fight for the Horde no matter what. On the land, on the Seas, and in the air! We feel the call to arms within the very marrow of our bones! If you think you are tough enough continue reading! You might just have what it takes to join the Frostwolf Militia!

Guild Goals:

We understand that the amount of time we all have to dedicate to the return of this great game has limits. We aim to form a tight knit guild based around world pvp, battlegrounds and 5/10 man groups. Raiding may come later but isn’t a big focus at the moment. Members are free to raid outside the guild unless a guild raid, they have signed up for is scheduled. Raids are definitely up to the guild at large and something we can do in the future if there is enough interest. We are Hardcore World PVP, but should be considered casual when it comes to RP and PVE. We also hope to have World RP-PvP events planned with our counterpart guild(s) Alliance side!

Our Mission:

We wish to protect all members of the Horde, to fight the Alliance at every turn, and to take the fight to them whenever possible. To do this, we must grow in number and strength while maintaining a healthy community within the guild. Every member of the Horde is valuable, and we will show them their value by coming to their defense. We will form warbands each day for a small portion of our play time. These warbands will play as normal until it is announced that alliance scum has entered our territory. The warbands will respond to the threat accordingly within the territory they were put over. This can also encourage Frostwolf Militia members to group for questing and grinding. We want every alliance member to know the name Frostwolf Militia. We want to force them to plan for us in all their activities and expect us to slow their progress. Beyond patrols, we expect our members to assist other horde players when traveling. If you see a troll accidentally pull extra mobs, get in there and save him from a graveyard run. If an Orc has been in chat asking for help with a quest and just can’t seem to get assistance, add him to group and get him over that hill if you are able. It’s not just about the Golden Rule, it’s our reputation and our relationship with other guilds.

We die…so you don’t have too! Lok’tar brothers and sisters! For the Horde!

If you are interested please visit our Discord server: https://discord.gg/T3uTDWj ((Gamingpast30 to get me or Boom762 one of our officers)) on the Discord Server. Or Catch me on Bnet at ptg2000#1155.

:dragon: Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings
:dragon: Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings

WPVP. If you are rolling on the RP-PVP server, THIS is what it’s all about. We are going to share so much suffering.

Roll Horde and help us secure our lands. Do you part in protecting the family.


Roll alliance and have to plan around and for the Frostwolf Militia guarding every instance, reinforcing every corpse camped brethren, and paying you a visit every time you step beyond the human reach.

Hit me up on Discord anytime. Boom762 #2041


No point in hiding among the humans anymore. I can be myself again.



The Militia is growing! Join up today!



Good luck to the Militia! You are going to need it! :wink:


If you guys are a serious pvp focused guild my nephew and I are interested.


Our goal is to fight the Alliance no matter when or where! We would be more than happy to have you both. Looking forward to lots of BGs and World PvP!




We would be more than happy to have you! I’ll be in game at launch as Deknal. We are also gathering together on our discord: https://discord.gg/T3uTDWj.
We are working together to plan leveling and professions etc. Not required of course! :grinning:

I’ll look you up on launch day! Should have the guild formed pretty quickly. The Militia thanks you for your interest!


How would we inform your guild that we need backup in world PvP?


Just let any member know! Then we’ll organize what we can and get moving! I’ll be under Deknal, Mozi or Zolkul.


Sounds like fun! How would we hit ya up for an invite at launch? I like the idea of coming to the aid of those who may need it or are getting constantly killed or even camped ^^


Greetings Noellessa!
Please feel free to message me (Deknal) or anyone with the Frostwolf Militia tag! We’ll get you in and soon be defending Horde lands together! :slight_smile:


I was part of the original Horde Strike Force way back on Maelstrom. Some of the most fun I ever had in this game. They did the same kind of thing you’re talking about - and if you’d have an old war-troll, I’d like to join you.


We would be more than happy to have you join the militia! Please look up Deknal in game or hit me up on discord. Welcome to the Militia!


Need more trolls to dice up all the dead gnomes and make gnomecamole