How's Grobbulous looking?

(Heavyweight) #3

Fortunately I think it filled up primarily with RP PVPers. There were, I think, always non-RP PVP servers available so that folks weren’t forced pick Grob because there were no other PVP servers available.


It will be good. Already plenty of people on it excited for RP. Already has server drama.

Looking good.


it will be emerald dream 2.0 for sure.

(Padrepwn) #6

Looks pretty homey to me.
Engaged player population. Check.
Alliance to murder. Check.
Not full but not empty. Check.
Factions balanced. Checkish.
Yea. Checks out. Lol.


I just hope there are folks on there H-Side who plan on RPing. I’m torn between Grob & Bloodsail, with Whitemane being my main server.

(Padrepwn) #8

Zug zug friend.

Padre Pets wolf. Then throws him a night elf leg bone treat

(Popuko) #9

So far its the only server with pvp with a mostly balanced faction population.

Which is all I need to hear.


Yeah, there’s a PvP server (blaumeux) leftover at medium population so on the base assumption it looks like that most people going Grob are the people naturally into that.

(Jalën) #11

Hey! Been on ED since MoP so about 9 years now. I can 100% say that some of the old names that even goes before my time are going to be rolling on Grobbulus. I’m bringing my guild as well as CBH, The Crew, Corporation, TMO (under a new name), Starborne Legacy, Pride of Lothar and many many more. If you’re looking to rekindle with old ED’ers, Grobbulus is the place to go. We’ll be there.


No Mercy Mafia is back and ready for constant wpvp. Jax#12247 if interested. Quite a nice returning group already.



theres lots of horde planning to rp man


pride of lothar are back? are they rolling alliance? same name? i remember them being small scale world pvp but doing really well against anybody

(Jalën) #16

Yes, Yes and yes. Kagrenac is back.


let them know to keep an eye out for final boss in all forms of pvp lol

(Jalën) #18

Well Final Boss already has a spotlight on them right now so we’ll see how this plays out.


Im a former RP-pvper from Maelstrom… ready to make this community great!

(Aeroliets) #20

im hoping to find a competitive PvE guild with extremely light RP. Only rolled here cause friends like how RPPvP servers handle their events and world content.

(Slaanesh) #21

Dude I totally know you guys. Well, kinda. I played a dwarf shaman named Prymal in 2013-14ish, and made a bunch of gold selling character portraits to folks there. I was in CBH and I think I sold some to a couple Warbringer guys. It’s awesome to hear you are all coming over.


what do u mean final boss has a spotlight on them?