[Grobbulus] With 3500+ Discord members, RPPVP IS BACK IN STYLE!


grob mob? too classy for me. im a grob slob blehhh


i just found otu they have a grobbulus subreddit too ?? prety neat :DD


Some people are just upset their server doesn’t have the heart we got.

(Nethermancy) #70

11/10 can confirm


Grob. Mob.


Or perhaps he/you can do the server a better favor by supporting the guilds who have already announced their intent to roll on Grobbulus, rather than courting any player with a pulse.:


Grob mob best meme mob.


Your gatekeeping is making me uncomfortable.

(Padrepwn) #75

You’re breaking our immersion. Please stop.


posting on a lvl 10 alt. how brave of you.


Your 3 minute history on the forum is making ME uncomfortable

Are you looking for someone to fight in the recess yard after math class?


Don’t let the sour grapes dissuade you from Grobbulus, they are few but the friends you will make here will be plentiful!


:roll_eyes: The gatekeeping continues. What threshold do I have to cross before I am allowed to point out your absurdity?


Perhaps you should educate yourself what gatekeeping is, rather than parroting what others have posted on your 4 minute old alt.


You’ve got to learn how to relax, nothing here is about gatekeeping it’s about growing the server, don’t make it about anything else. All you’re doing is running people off. It’s classic fights are supposed to be about how much you hate the other faction.


Everyone here is so excited about classic and the RP community and how great it’s going to be. Why in the world are you coming in here trying to silence everyone’s fun??


:rofl: The mental gymnastics being put to use here. Your thighs must be in incredible shape.


no, are you still in grade school? go troll the other posts instead of being a wet blanket. You must be seriously fun at parties.


The point I am trying to make is that grobbulus needs no recruitment. I have quite clearly posted that the gatekeeping and the courting both are not needed.


I don’t how anything he said scares off new role players off and from what I can tell you just seem salty for some reason.

I mean if you got real proof or I missed looked at something please show me.