Orc Forge [H] | NA | RP-PvP | Semi-Hardcore


Orc Forge [H] | NA | RP-PvP | Semi-Hardcore | Ratio-DKP

<Orc Forge> was created out of strong ideals and my own expectations for World of Warcraft: Classic.
Friendly, inviting, casual atmosphere with strong leadership to encourage content growth and promote guild progression.
Role-Play is not required though heavily encouraged. We welcome all who swear their life to the Horde in the name of honor and perseverance… We must fight to survive. We will halt Alliance aggression with tactful approach.

Within the Forge, our goal is to create a fun, excited, ADULT, community that is organized and dedicated to role-play, profession building and open world PvP events. Honest in-house trading and economy – all in a fun, social, environment! Strengthening our core by welcoming players who have a sense of respect for themselves as well as knowledgeable players to solidify our presence on Azeroth!

Classic is about coming together to accomplish great and seemingly insurmountable tasks. You should expect a group of crafty individuals who hold respect for each other and a love for Warcraft. Join us in creating a fun, social, guild based on exploration, team work and lots of time spent playing together!

What you will find within Orc Forge
Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly events
An adult only, tolerant atmosphere
Attentive, knowledgeable and patient officers
Planned raid progression
Organized environment
Leadership opportunities
Unique Discord features

Join us in the recreation of a vanilla-like experience for new and returning heroes to Azeroth!
We are dedicated to the War-craft! We are Orc Forge!

Core-Raid Dates: WEDS / THURS
Core-Raid Times: :flag_us: EST 9:00 - 11:45PM
Forge your destiny among the Horde!
[Pre-Apply to Orc Forge]: <http:// tinyurl. com/y3twa2fm>
[Orc Forge Discord]: https:// discord. gg/R4bUrrD

:dragon: Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings

HOly holy finally RP server Horde group post.

I am a warrior looking for RP server Horde guild to begin this adventure.

I plan to tank, main tank, be your best friend for dungeons, questing, and raids.
I am 35 self employed and specifically selecting RP server in order to find players of the more Slow playstyle, journeyers who hunger for the full Zen of game world Human expression.

Very likely going Undead. I had a last minute change of heart on exactly reincarnating my first tank of tauren for the HP pool advantage.


Thank you for your interest!
Please reach out to me on Discord or follow the links provided!
Guild Leader: Fataxe#9099
Guild Discord: https:// discord.gg/R4bUrrD