<Blackhand Legion> (RPPvP) (Grobbulus) (US)


Do you remember the days of old brothers?! The times when we raised our mugs to a good fight and drank from the skulls of the Alliance dogs?! Even the Horde turned their backs upon us and now we, the Blackrock say there’s going to be hell to pay! We, the Blackhand Legion swear to raze Azeroth from the ground up and cause more hell than these pompous humans have ever seen! Will you join us on our great conquest? By Sargeras’ throne we will collect what was promised to us! Victory! Ale! Women! Death! Sacrifice! Conquest! We are the proud followers of the Dark Horde and we will have our due!

((Heavy RPPVP-Dark-Military-Horde-Roleplay-All Orc RPPVP-Grobbulus-US)) (Inquiries may be sent to Battletag: Veil880#1460 for further information.

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Nice RP copy. You are a good writer.


((Consider me interested.

I sent you a btag request to further discuss what this guild may entail!))


nice post!


Trying to join, is this guild still going?


Am confused, post says orc only but OP is a tauren :thinking: