🐉 Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings


Frostwolf Militia

Discord: https://discord.gg/mED3PZk


Bit off-topic, but how much are addons allowed to communicate cross-faction? I assume you can inspect someone’s profile, but there are no addons to let every speak common. Damn shame that’s not already a thing on RP servers btw.


All updated as of…NOW!


on horde side here is another:

(Surtruk) #27

Thank you for making this thread! Here is a link the recruitment post with more information for the Redridge Irregulars:


Updated, and thanks!

Those who do not have actual forum threads with the guild descriptions are doing themselves a disservice. Many (most?) players are not going to join a discord just to find information about a guild, when they could instead click on a link to a forum thread to get it.



Grunts will be a RP-PVP guild, those that remember us from The Venture Co will remember that we do it all with a flair of RP. We don’t take ourselves to serious but we do try and be good at what we do. I have posted on the guild recruitment page and promptly saw it buried under raiding guilds. We will have a discord server up soon and more information will be updated as it comes in. Remember Grunts…


Damn. I missed it.


Sunday, Grobby Sunday


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This is Dreadneck with Grunts, we now have a discord up and running though not very active at the moment. If this could be added to our entry it would be much appreciated. Nice work with this post as well.


The Grim’s recruitment post: <The Grim> [H] Grobbulus RP-PVP

Website: https://thegrim.org
Discord: https://discord.gg/wGxxy6H


Would this happen to be The Grim from Twisting Nether? If so yall’s raids on Redridge and the like were our inspiration for forming Grunts.


About damn time I saw one I recognized. :wink:
I will be quite disappointed if I do not see guilds like Gnometech on Grobby.

I plan to recreate this thread in the Gobby forum as soon as it appears. Any time now would be spiffy, blizzard. taps cane impatiently


It is! waves


Great! I look forward to running with y’all at some point. My wife and I were in The Ironforge Regiment while on Twisting Nether and your attacks on Lakeshire were great. You would rotate out your front ranks with it looked to be healers in the back. Made for some great times. Glad we’re on the same side this time.


Heya can you add our guild to Alliance Side

[A] <Stormwind Bar Room Brawlers> Grobbulus RP-PVP)


Well, I’ve started having difficulty keeping track of the IC channel on my Discord, so I think Hurricane probably qualifies. If you build it, they will come.


Please add:
The Vigiliant Crusade
RP-PVP Paladin Order