<Starborne> Classic WPvP-RP

(Jimmirus) #1

Kaldorei=Children of the Stars=Starborne

Greetings Friends name’s Jim. Looking to establish a small group of dedicated wpvp’rs who also enjoy RP.

This project will be unique in that we will take the “classic” tropes of Vanilla and turn them upside down. We are going to be a Casual guild catering to busy working adults.

We will be focusing on a laid back approach and relaxed atmosphere. Most vanilla players myself included already did the no life push back in 2004 and many of us are in a different place now with RL and family.

As to the guild, we are feral night elves and will not tolerate the Horde incursion in to Kalimdor or Azeroth as a whole.

Guild Structure: We will be small, squad size (<20) with a round table type structure. Everyone will be on equal footing. Original Starborne was centered around small scale combat and we will carry on this tradition. That said we will aid our allies in larger scale epic wpvp 100%

WPVP: Our bread and butter, our goal is too build a very strong cohesive squad but having fun laughing wether we are wrecking some Horde or getting rekt. Fun is the end goal.

RP: Will be a major pillar. I consider myself a “light” RP’r but we are Emerald Dream and RP will be respected and welcomed in our squad.

PvE: Dungeons and Raiding will be conducted with our awesome established allies from ED. I have already spoken with friends who are willing to let us intergrate in to their raids.

Non-Kaldorei: Starborne will be accepting ambassadors for classes unable to be an awesome night elf. Paladins, Warlocks, and Mages to be specific. RP IC reasons for joining us tree huggers will be fun for the player to formulate.

Last but not least: We are not the thought police but we will have a respectful guild atmostphere. Just be cool to one another, and we ask that politics, religion, and the sex your having be kept in DMs.

Thanks for reading! Andu-Falah-Dor!

:dragon: Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings
:dragon: Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings
(Brockhoist) #2

Only if I can be Grand Poopah, I want to boss people around

(Fanghelm) #3

Sounds like my kind of guild. What time will guild events start? I go to bed early on est.


Im EST as well Fang.


Glad to see you are playing classic Jim. If I roll Alliance, I may join.


My kaldorei’s story is focused on her defending Ashenvale, this might be a good fit for her. For raids, do you have connections with multiple ones? I’ve got a weird work schedule so finding a raid time I can actually make will be my hurdle, but if you have multiple connections I stand a better chance of finding something. :smiley:

(Jimmirus) #7

Hey Nix, A few friends from ED who plan on their guilds raiding said we can join in on the dragon slaying.

For the most part, we will be a small wpvp focused group. Raiding will just be to obtain gear for wpvp.

(Eekamouse) #8

I may be rolling some Night Elf characters on this server. If I do and am looking for a guild, it would likely be for something like this. So if I am on Grobb, I’ll likely either inquire about membership or at least be an ally-at-large.

(Ephemere) #9

I may be interested. I usually like to wait a bit after release before I join anything. You values and goals in classic are the same as mine.

I’m now mid 30s, real obligations, etc. I played from beta onward off and on till 2010. I started RPing in 2011. Like you, im not heavy RP but I do enjoy guild/server events and building up your characters story.

Im looking to main an NE druid but I will also be leveling two other characters off rested as well.

(Telarien) #10

Hey Jim!

Got the link from Discord.
I’ll be rolling a Druid on Grob with my brother (both NE) and another friend NE Hunter! We have other IRL friends that will be joining us (Gnome Mage + I think Warlock?)

If we don’t start a guild on our own, or if you guys are open to having the mage and lock as ambassadors I’ll send you a PM in game :slight_smile:



Maining a NE hunter, excited for this!!

(Jimmirus) #12

Long time brothers! Tel and Primul! How have you guys been?

@ Eekamouse and Ephemere. Sounds good, if you all are looking for all night elf (including ambassadors) wpvp and rp contact me anytime!

(Shadows) #13

I may join you guys as I’ll be playing a NE rogue and RPing her as a Sentinel. Same name as this character. See you there!


Livin the dream excited for classic and hyped to be playing with you and our purple kin! Also wasn’t Starborne the guild you had when I first met you, I wana say it is

(Jimmirus) #15

Sounds good Shadows!

@Primul yes The Ashen Vale was formed from Starborne. Just bringing it back for classic.

(Telarien) #16

Doing good, brother! Hyped for classic. Can’t wait!

I’ll try to pop on in game sometime and we can chat :slight_smile:

(Jimmirus) #17

Hey folks! Auberdine, Darkshore will be our main guild base. More foot traffic, boats =more wpvp and rp. Astranaar will be our frontier outpost, staging area for Barrens attacks and Darnassus of course will be under our protection. Andu-falah-dor Homies!

(Fanghelm) #18

There is a big discord for Grobbulus

ht tps://discord.gg/W32kfJ

Maybe list the guild on there

(Jimmirus) #19

Fang we have a new Starborne discord up. Jimjosof#1414 is my btag. I can send you the invite asap

ht tps://discord.gg/7yWt6s

This is for the ED Classic discord.

(Fanghelm) #20