#RP-PVP Realms, Reconsider One Realm


I wish you luck as well. There is a chance folks will head there for shelter against the PvE streamers.

We press on!


Damn it I read “We press on!” in a WC3 unit voice, I just don’t remember which unit that line belonged to. x.x


Going to go ahead and crosspost this from another thread, because it feels relevant to the conversation above. I’m currently having to temper my expectations for Grobbulus, and I think everyone else should begin to as well.

I had this silly idea in my head, back when we were still fighting for just one RP-PvP server. I thought that if we could just get an RP-PvP server at launch, then the PvPers could go to their PvP servers, the RPers could go to their RP server, and the RP-PvP server would be made up of only RP-PvPers.

But that was pretty stupid of me, I’m realizing in hindsight. Grobbulus isn’t going to be made up of RP-PvPers… it’s going to be made up of 15 years of players from across the six existing retail RP-PvP server communities.

And the thing about that was, every single one of those RP-PvP servers were plagued with PvP bros and non-RP-PvPers from day one, because Blizzard created the RP-PvP servers AFTER the initial launch of Vanilla, which in turn led to many people with no interest in RP clamoring to join them just because they were new.

So there’s going to be hundreds if not thousands of players who ever only dabbled in RP at the most, and maybe even griefed and trolled RP at the least, who will roll on the RP-PvP server of Grobbulus, simply because it’s their preferred server type.

You can never truly go back and fix the mistakes of the past. Grobbulus will not be a new experience, it will be an amalgam of the six RP-PvP server communities from the last 15 years of retail WoW… for all the good AND the bad that comes with that.

EDIT: So really, at the end of the day people coming to Grobbulus just to escape streamers isn’t going to matter all that much. There will be Non-RP bloat no matter what, because you have a bunch of players from across the history of retail who are used to playing on an RP-PvP server, but have no interesting in RPing.


Yes, this is true. On another note, non-RPers co-existing isn’t a bad thing.

If we take it from another persective:

More people on the PvP battlefield. More people gathering resources. More people on selling and buying on the AH to keep our economy alive.

Most of the non-RPers I talked with are not okay with PvPbois or griefers. So it is my hope that we will band together to form the community we like.


Two words: Server economy.

You really want a healthy population on the server so that you don’t get greedy goblins trying to sell a stack of 20 silk for 5,000g.


I made a thing:
Gobby RP Guild Listings

I have tried to keep my eyes from bleeding while sifting through blizzard’s catch-all guild recruitment forum and found a handful so far. Let’s get organised, Gobsters!

(Brúenor) #2572

Yer in luck Pago… th’ Clan’s dwarves are returnin’ t’ th’ ol’ world.
-Bruenor Battlehammer


Would be nice if they would Acknowledge need for FREE SERVER as well.

PVP: Free Server
RP-PVP: Free Server
RP: Free Server

Thanks for the Consideration.


Awesome! I look forward to seeing you on Grobbulus!

Please check us out and give us a visit in the OG Discord :slight_smile:


(Mokalyn) #2575

There will always be PVP on a RP-PVP server. The RP will be there. My guild is forming a guild on there. We are moderate/heavy RP-PVP focus.
Coming from Emerald Dream, this is how we do things as far as RP-PVP. It will not be too different for us.

The one thing I would probably not do in the open world is to take your weapon off to RP. We can not drag our ret/pro/holy(example) set to our action to easily equip our gear.

RP, when you can, call for back up for events or ask if your faction has any military-style guilds that would like to come, and guard the events. This gives the military-style guilds a chance to RP their way, and you get a chance to RP a bit more relaxed sometimes.

It will not be easy for some who are coming over from an RP server in retail to an RP-PVP server if they have never played on this kind of server. This is not Moonguard or WrA RP, this will be war-style RP-PVP. Warmode is not RP or even a hint of RP-PVP. Warmode is PVP.

Best advice, RP with your eyes watching your back and know there are always rogues or druids hiding in STV waiting for you to walk down that lonely road.


That’s one thing I loved and had great memories with Emerald Dream. The world PvP was amazing and so active.

I look forward to seeing it again :slight_smile:

(Mokalyn) #2577

Definitely. We will have our present there. We may not always have a good reputation at times with other servers but we are loyal as can be to each other.
Until we get to know other folks you see a lot of RP/RP-PVP going on between the various guilds from their main retail server. Redwood has there rivalries already planned out with other ED guilds in classic. From their we will all branch out. PVP will just happen in between.

(Mokalyn) #2578

I joined you all. Thank you :heart:
Horde of course. :wink:


Fantastic! Welcome on in :smiley:

(Pago) #2580

Stuck at Portland Oregon Airport so I won’t get home until after 11 tonight or later to see if I can get my names. But my brother in law (BIL) and I are excited to join. Waiting to see if CBH is in onboard before I decide. He’s a rogue regardless and I’m something depending on them and that poster.

That post about one”s rule set for our server really irks me. Whatever faction he’s on I might role play his assassin along with my BIL. Going to post late.

Congrats to all! Go Grob!

(Pago) #2581

The man, the legend. I’m in as is my brother in law. He’s a rogue and not played since 2006. I want to see what voids are missing except Warrior.


Now that my names are reserved, here they are:

Ahwa Tauren Druid

Togor Orc Warrior

Bumhug Orc Rogue

Druid will be my main with warrior and rogue as alts. Who will you all be playing as?


Deceit Undead Rogue
Grigori Orc Warrior
Thessaly Undead Mage

Btw… love the name Bumhug


Thanks, probably one of my favorite names… I stole it from UO. Orcs would spawn with random names. Just such a fitting name for an Orc.


That’s awesome!

I too stole from UO when choosing Deceit as a name! (Remember how the dungeons were names after anti-virtues)

Sadly it was a backup, I couldn’t get into Grob in time to get my original name from way back.