Demoralizing shout is bugged and it is why we have this AoE meta


The only place I’ve even heard of this supposed meta is here on the forums when people complain about it. I don’t think it’s really a thing.


The difference is that players know better now. Back then most warrior tanks didn’t know they were better of using demo shout over thunderclap.


According to the video I just linked apparently 3 and under, battleshout buff is better? O.o

(Aggrend) #64

Hi All,

We have identified a fix for an issue that was causing Demoralizing Shout/Roar to generate too much threat when applied to multiple enemies. In addition, we’ve also identified a fix for a separate issue that was causing Battle Shout and most healing spells, effects, and buffs to incorrectly split the threat they generate between enemies that had members of the buffed party on their threat list.

Hotfixes for these issues are going to be deployed very soon, at which time all of these effects will match their functionality in the 1.12 reference client.

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Thanks for looking into it, Aggrend.

Surprising about Battle Shout in the reference client, but happy to have the 1.12 version in the end.


this some bs on gang


Thanks for your hard work!


Thisll be interesting. Even fewer tanks!


How about you leave the Demo shout alone, please.

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Can you give a little more info on the battle shout change?

What was it doing vs what is it doing now?


Sweet! Keep finding bugs!


Oh, sillies.


oof nice

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Ya the wording on the Battle Shout thing seems inconclusive.
Is it a buff or nerf?

I remember Demo shout being better on many targets, and Battle Shout being better when you could hit more friendlies than there were enemies.

Hope there is clarification!


Okay, that means it was set pre-nerf. Because I know it was nerfed originally during Vanilla. But it still generated decent threat even after the nerf, just not what it did before.


This was a bug in classic. Don’t fix it. #nochanges

Patch 2.0.1

Fixed an issue where Warrior "Battle Shout" was causing too much threat.


Okay, to clarify. Are you 100% sure this is a bug or the previous version of demo before it was nerfed in Vanilla? I want to bring this up, because right now, it feels like it was 15 years ago.

Unless I’m just remembering the parsing from pre-nerf. Obviously it’s been awhile, but the threat percentages looked right to me.


can you tell me why such a big deal was made about this


its the 1 of reasons the stupid cleave speed running dungeons is a thing. tanks just spam demo and are able to hold way more threat then they should be able to. this lets the 3-4 mages spam aoe and 1 healer just spam heals with little worry about getting agro. this fix is gonna kick the cleave dungeon speed running groups right in the crotch and why you’ll see people arguing to not fix it.

edit: good point i forgot about the lock thing


Because people felt their class couldnt get into groups for dungeons since spell cleave is strong.

So instead of making their own groups (which I see constantly) they complain, report “bugs”, and spend more time whining than playing.

This is the end result.