Demoralizing shout is bugged and it is why we have this AoE meta

No one is adressing this because they are AFRAID and don’t want this garbage removed from the game.

Currently that shout is giving more AoE threat generation than it should this is why AoE meta exist because this brain dead bug favors this kind of BS playstyle that keeps other DPS classes from being invited to dungeons.

No one talks about this because they rather abuse this garbage than fix it.

What happened to #NOCHANGES?


I think it gives the same amount of threat back then.

3 demo shouts then go.

Was popular in aq20/40 as well


no one talks about it because it is still #nochanges.


Demo shout was used in vanilla for aoe threat.


What kind of utter garbage cleave groups are YOU running that there’s even a tank spamming demo shout at all?

4 Warriors.
1 Resto Shaman (Read: Windfury Bot).

Let’s go.


I think that it is currently working exactly as It did in vanilla 1.12. Do you have any evidence that this is not the case?


What more proof do you want that the fact that everyone is playing this stupid “AoE/Cleave” meta and how everyone rather run dungeons than questing or doing other stuff, just like how people abused layering and the Rid exp bug.

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if it existed like this in vanilla, it needs to remain.


Well, I would like something like a comparison of the current WoW to vanilla wow. It seems to me that the most reasonable explanation is just that people were not as skilled and didn’t figure out the meta back in 2004.

In fact I don’t even think it is close. I think it is like 99% that the current implementation is the same as in 2004 and just that people back then were unable to figure out the optimal way to level.


LMAO, you think that’s EVIDENCE? Please don’t become a lawyer.

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People were aoe leveling pre 1.12.
There are just better players on the game now.
We had grandma’s and grandpas playing early 2000s that never picked up a nintendo, let alone gamers today playing mobas coming to wow.

As far as I can tell, this is working as it did originally, and this is the nerfed version.

Tanks would spam it on the add phase of Nef before the original nerf, it was that good for threat gen before this version.

You also have to remember that stance dancing wasn’t something that tanks took lightly on some fights, so popping to battle stance and using TC wasn’t always a thing. It was more common to spam demo shout.

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I disagree with the “players are better” argument, so I can’t agree with your conclusion here. I suspect instead that it was merely because this latest patch which made everything so easy was only a short time and everyone was focused on the next expansion.


Umm I remember grouping with my friends and spell cleaving dungeons to level. not to mention all the aoe tanking in level 60 content.

Because people sucked back then. The players just legitimately were not as good at the game, and did not have 15 years of simming and theorycrafting to fall back on in deciding the meta. You’re probably not using a dialup connection to play, either. Both are examples of things simply being different because of the time. The only way to truly play the game as if it were 2004 is to get drunk enough that you no longer remember the last 15 years.

I thought it generated threat. I couldn’t remember! It’s been 15 darn years.

It isn’t a problem. It is how it worked in Vanilla. The difference is that vanilla has been here for 15 years. It is very much a solved game at this point. At the time of vanilla, people didn’t know what they were doing. Now you have 15 years of testing done.

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It does, and it scales off of the number of mobs in radius thus making it a good AOE threat generator.

It is working as intended and i have no idea why this warlock is crying about not getting party invites. I’ve done 90% of my leveling tanking dungeons and have NEVER worried about “what” DPS class comes around. If he is butthurt about not getting into optimized cleave groups big deal. I agree with most people on here though, back during original release people didn’t know about how well it works. Its not exactly an intuitive AOE threat move like consecrate or challenging shout

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Good players were good by level 15. Bad players were bad at level 60.

Things certainly come out in Theory crafting, but nothing so simple as, “Oh, a main tanking tool does more threat than we thought!”


See this makes sense because outside of cleave, what the hell do warriors have to gen aoe threat?

thunderclap is in battle stance for crying out loud!

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