AOE ZF Farm How to keep aggro?


Yep I have, I haven’t intended to mage farm it but the last few groups I ran had 2/3 mages. But yeah I don’t mind it whatever way but if fast xp is your thing it’s certainly the in thing.

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I haven’t gotten to ZF yet, but I did a pile of SM runs ('cause that’s the group I just happened to fall into). One of those groups it went really smoothly because they knew what they were doing. Even then it wasn’t that much faster than a normal group because of all the drinking. It was faster, but the downtime brought the gap so close that it’s just faster on paper, really.

The second group had no idea what they were doing and it actually took longer because people kept dying.

Really though, my point here is that right now everybody is focusing heavily on groups like this, to the exclusion of normal groups. Doing it normally is nearly as good and way more reliable.


I never experienced any mage farm in SM and I did a butt ton of runs there. But yeah I don’t think most people care. It’s not too bad to just grab your typical group makeup and have at it.

Honestly I’m just happy to get in groups because I play late-night and find others at my level or close on Old Blanchy Alliance is kinda difficult.


You can’t anymore. They nerfed demo shout so it does no threat anymore


How ironic.

Kicking the Tank for not keeping aggro on mobs that shouldn’t even hit 1 decent mage never mind a group with 3 of em.


Youre not gonna keep aggro on 15 mobs after the shout nerf through mage aoe spam.

These people will learn the hard way when every tank they get now after spamming LFG for an hour “sucks”. They shouldnt need you to hold aggro anyway, rotate nova (esp with 2-3 mages) and you legit dont even need a tank. If theyre dying, thats their fault cause lol imagine dying to an aoe pack with 3 mages

Battle shout and tab revenge/ss/sunder is pretty much how you hold aoe threat now (instead of just spamming demo shout) but your aoe tps is now significantly worse and people are going to need to adapt. 12 hours ago when this was posted is post-shout nerf as well, so ya.

Not your fault warrbro, not your fault

I went from pulling the entire first room in BRD in 1 or 2 pulls and holding aggro on p much everything with mages aoe spamming to being able to comfortably hold aggro on half of that number overnight, and it was like 100x more effort on my end and more dangerous for the mages.

I wouldnt be surprised if aoe farming groups significantly die down over time here because it takes significantly more effort now (good mages still crush it, but those mages wouldnt expect you to hold perfect aggro on every mob and would be rotating their slows and roots and kiting instead- thats too much effort for the BFA brain mages that have been aoe spamming dungeons since launch)


Honestly, mages are the new huntards. Except, they are actually much easier to play. So unlike with hunters in original vanilla, they do decent and because of that think they are world class players.

I’ve been in groups with multiple mages and never been buffed or given water. I don’t bother asking anymore.


Dungeon aoe farming is doing more harm to the ‘vanilla experience’ than what people said the LFG add-on was going to do.


Good thing blizzard nerfed the sh*t out of it. Its still possible obviously, but it requires way more effort and communication than most LFG pugs will be willing to put in. (For the huge pull aoe groups, anyway)

I really expect to see the groups become more rare. Tanks are going to want to tank aoe groups less than they already did, and theres gonna be a lot of dead mages

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Like others have said, you’re mostly just there to peel and kite. They shouldn’t have kicked you without explaining. IMO, don’t even join the AoE groups. They’re full of people who think pepega is a real word.


The most important, and best part.

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Put them on ignore.

When they get to content they can’t cheese things will change.


Soon they’ll just do 4 mages and a priest.

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They just nerfed demo shout aggro. A popular streams was complaining and showing how easy and dumb it was. Maybe the timing is a coincidence. Maybe not


i was just farming a TON of BRD last night with 3 mages and a warrior. the warrior did have trouble with threat, but if i spammed big heals on him for 8-10 seconds before the first nova, he was able to build enough threat on them to allow mages to kill before they reached them with the slow in effect.

the Nerf def changed the way u have to play, and makes it take some more thought, but it still is totally doable. its a little tricky with casters getting LoS because the melee will be crushing the tank waiting for casters to group. warrior or druid just needs to focus building threat on the casters when the show up becuase hes already been working on the melee mobs for a while by the time they do.


Here you go. This is why “other tanks” were able to do it and now you can’t.


(Don’t hate me too much.) I found out about the demo bug too late, I think I used it for one run in ZF before I went to bed, found out the hard way when I pulled a semi-ish big pack in Mara…Let’s just say we had a lot of nofunwhatsoever.

As a rule of thumb, I no longer invite mages to my groups, I do just fine without them, I’ve met more toxic mages and hunters than I care to count, kicking you out for something like that is pretty dumb, if you want to grind ZF and pulls many mobs, You just have to come to peace with the fact you -might- die.

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Nobody is going to hate you for leaving some mages out in the cold.

Also, sorry that happened to you OP. Some people just want a babysitter I guess.


Glad to see Blizz is on the ball looking into these things. People were saying it was working as intended.

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The people who kicked you probably aren’t aware of the nerf. Just chalk them up to being idiots and keep on trucking.