2-Hander tanks. Why?


What this guy said…my lord there’s so much ignorance in this thread. As if you think the extra armor from that shield in these instances is making up for the tank doubling the other dps’s output AND holding agro for your mages/locks to aoe to their hearts content.

Of course not. you can get 35k+ an hour farming ZF…we graduated to ZF last night…this is ez mode…if you’re having problems healing 2 handed tankers you might reconsider your role as a healer. This is not rocket science, we’re not even wiping in these places.

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In early dungeons, threat is hard to come by with a sword and board. If the player has decent armor, 2H tanking trash mobs is viable. Instead of having to heal everyone in your group because the tank can’t keep aggro, you only have 1 target to heal but more intensively.

Alternatively, you can educate the DPS that they need to give the tank time to get aggro before unloading. Most tanks will cover this info at the start, but some DPS may require periodic reminders.

Tanking is a thankless job that requires a ton of micro management especially with trigger-happy DPS and multi-dotting classes.

2H tanking a boss is no-no.


I’m glad someone else can agree. I’m not even trying to grind these instances for the xp per hour. People are just bummed that there are workarounds to the difficulty of these 5 man’s it seems.


Personal attacks while completely ignoring what I said. Well played.

But yes, I am garbage because other people, who are playing warriors can’t hold aggro when I do a single auto attack and they die in a few hits.


Um…I’m sorry Ayrianna, but you are garbage based upon what you just described. The fact that you’re actually attacking a target that the tank hasn’t developed threat on speaks volumes against you. You are the definition of bad. You are what drives people to 2 hand tank in the first place ironically.


If your only get 35k you need to re-evaluate what on Earth you are doing. Pathetic

Oh and Warrior 2h doubling other dps. HAHAHAHAHA what a joke. Only with Ravager proc but having a Warrior at all for ZF is a joke, melee anything while leveling is a joke actually in 2019 meta.



LOL @ Tsundre…I’d say what you are but…I’d probably get suspended.

what a LOL…

that you think we actually need demo shout for aoe threat 2 hand tanking LOL…I remember my first day in wow :wink:


I like to Dual Wield tank tbh i find it builds rage faster even with all the misses. When i have Spastic DPS i may as well not bother with a shield because at least mobs are hitting Plate and not Cloth or Leather.


people who melee cleave are horribad

people who bring warriors to farm groups are just as bad


Nowhere did I say I say anything about doing that. Stop trolling.


Just run with a good feral.


Just graduated from ZF two hand tanking and now iwll move into Mauradon 2 hand tanking this weekend. All the while /laughing at the prot warriors doing 50 dps doing their tab sundering with their dislexic healers.


If the dungeon is around my level or below, I go in 2 hander (since I’m arms spec anyway). If the mob is above my level, I always check with the healer if they’d like me to wear a shield or not.


Paladins are kings of 2h trash tanking
that all i can say

and Warriors sucks at tanking everything in their lives.

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100% disagree. scaling in vanilla is ridiculous. i care not to look up the percentages, but you are going to miss, get parried, and get dodged disproportionately more against a mob 2 levels higher than you than 2 levels under you.


Nope wrong ma man. I just tanked cathedral again and proved everyone wrong. Feelsgoodman


Thunder Bluff has an ~level 11 quest that gives a great shield as a reward.


Thunder clap is no problem, it just means hitting a couple of extra keys. But thunder clap is really for the debuff, the threat is weak. You need 9 points in Arms to do stance dance and thunder clap, so level 18. But tactical mastery is not as meaningful at that level since you don’t have intercept and you pretty much spend all your rage as it comes in (so there is no rage to save when switching stances).


Me and my friend are Shaman Healer and Warrior DPS / Tank. We always go 2 hander because it’s easier to hold aggro and if you play well can do amazing damage.

We spam dungeons and as of level 50 a shield has never been needed. Even for big pulls. It just comes down to the healer needs to be good and the Warrior needs to have decent gear and know what they are doing.

But 2-hander Warrior IS the most effective way.


Hate to break it to you but if you’re having a hard time healing a 2 hander tank due to them not having as much damage mitigation and armor than you need to learn how to heal better. It shouldnt be hard for warriors to 2 handed tank 5 man dungeons in this game. Only once you get to around BRD does it get hard to arms tank