Warrior Aggro issues in lvl 30+ Dungeons


Far later at level 60. I believe it was 2% increase to threat and increased run speed. Might even be from TBC or Wrath actually.


I need help bringing attention to a warrior threat bug that lets warriors generate tons of aoe threat off spamming demo shout when it should not.

Proof esfand has been using a warrior to generate unlimited aoe threat all day twitchdottv/esfandtv

Clearly a bug and makes paladins totally useless for aoe tanking if its not fixed.


If true, shouldn’t this have been discovered in the beta already?


Demo shout and tc dont provide alot of agro. Also more classes have more AOE. Your best bet is sunder+ revenge

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Be sure to use a 1 hander and shield. There is no need to go prot. Use sunder like has been suggested. You might be interested to check out some of the “TDP” videos that Preach made on the beta about tanking.


Well this didn’t age well. Demoralizing shout is bugged and it is why we have this AoE meta


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Working as intended. Haha.


Just like all the instances and raids right.


Isnt there some exploit Warriors are using for massive threat?

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I rip on 1.12 all the time, but at the end of the day when 1.12 hit most people were just standing around waiting for TBC - unless you were deep into Naxx. So were instances this easy in 1.12? Maybe, maybe not. I know for me, I stopped doing dungeons around 1.6. That, and i barely stepped foot into the lower level ones. So, I’m not one to talk about what was authentic and what wasn’t - dungeon wise.

Same with MC, BWL, and to some extent AQ40. We all know 1.12 would have trivialized content (not that it was hard to begin with), but how trivialized? Again, a lot of us don’t know because when 1.12 hit most of us were waiting for TBC or in Naxx.

But I do know that on Mannoroth, MC was eventually semi-pugged by a coalition of smaller guilds towards the end.


Thank you, I am still low level but struggling at the end of WC with the spawn of the oozes. If the healer heals too early they get a bunch of oozes on them.

Edit: I am level 23 not sure why it’s showing 16 still. :wink:


Reading your requirements for tanking in lower mid level dungeons (which I know first hand to be true) and it’s easy to see why so few tanks want to do it.

DPS is spamming a few button rotation. Healer is deciding “do I use my highest rank heal or a lower rank heal”. Warrior is doing advance calculus and getting carpal tunnel trying to keep mobs from hitting the healer, knowing DPS are just going to have to deal with tanking their own mobs.

No one listens when I tell them they can only hit the target I’m on because my shout doesn’t even do enough threat to keep mobs off the healer anymore, as soon as I tab off one mob to sunder or revenge another mob, I lose the mob I just tabbed off. Like trying to hold three cats with 2 hands. As soon as you try to pick up the third you lose one or both of the others.

I get folks saying this is the original experience. I’m just saying it’s not fun. Hopefully when we get to higher level dungeons, folks will die when they pull threat so at some point they’ll be trained to avoid it.


What I recall for 1-60 leveling dungeons, when doing them in BC, was that we had no tanks, or to say whoever was doing the most damage was the default “tank”.


It has gotten significantly worse since I posted that too :joy: the demo shout bugfix was very, very necessary but man the amount of effort that goes into aoe tanking is immense. Im spammin buttons spinning my camera around for pats and facepulls, intercept taunting runners, stance dancing like a maniac, and spending gold on consumables to hold threat.

Im also running with 4 60s and then me (lvl 57) since I fell behind because of real life, so its even rougher- that level 60 aggro tho. I found some cheatcodes that have made my job significantly easier in aoe situations though. Go engineering, use your bombs, and buy oil of immolation and dragonsbreath chili for aoe pulls. Literal gamechanger man. Aoe threat isnt even a concern and I do legit more than twice as much damage (which is more threat, faster kills so less time for the dps to pull, less damage taken, more efficient runs)

I dont even care how much they cost. I bought out the entire Horde AH of both last night on Skeram because I’m dungeon grinding for pre raid bis till 60. Totally worth the gold, and the mats arent even that expensive. You literally can relax for a second on aoe pulls with these consumes and oh my god its amazing. If you can afford it, DO IT and never look back. Just be sure to come back to this thread and respond with your experience (and thank me :wink:)


I’ll probably need to look up some actual numbers, but so far heroic strike seems like it helps me hold better than sunder. Though I typically have to start with a couple sunder’s to get started. I use Revenge whenever I can, but then I try to weave in HC with my Sunders to keep them on me.


Still saving up for my L40 mount, so it’s tough spending the gold, but I’m going to try the Chili and see how that does. I’ll try to remember to come back here to let you know how it goes. (going to bug my guildy Alchemist for the Immo oil)


Its worth it once you have your mount for sure, the chili is probably a better investment because it lasts longer (and immo oil literally has no cooldown so youll eat through them like nothing)

Before your mount its not necessary, but definitely keep it in mind once youve got some cash flow. Its a whole new woooorld


Forget a shield.
Forget a 1h weapon.
You’re level 36, that means WW.
Put on your 2h and Charge > WW > Demo > Battle > Bloodrage > Sunder/Revenge > WW
From there, spread sunders while in def stance and hit WW on CD while keeping Demo up.


I used charge, sweeping, bloodrage, whirlwind, then back to D stance for the rest of the pull. Some things get loose from real hard single target people, dps splitting targets, or burst aoe out the gate.
I hit a threat wall in uldaman and since I’m the highest tank in my guild and run with the highest healer, we basically just run dungeons so i finally respecced


Make sure you get Anger Management. You will be rage starved at lower levels. Tab sunder multiple targets.

Sunder primary dps target, revenge next target, sunder next taget, sunder/revenge primary target, then keep spreading the sunder love around.

The key is pooling rage. Each group will be different, but if you notice that DPS is not pulling off you after 3 sunders, after you get all the mobs in the pull at 3 sunders, then just autoattack and pool your rage for the next pool. With anger management, you can even keep a nice rage pool even if the healer has to drink.

Also, if you are having trouble with aggro, try to go into the dungeon at a higher level. Miss/Parry/Dodge is brutal when you are a level or 2 below the mobs.