Asmongold mocks demo shout on stream


No they are not “balancing”. The Warrior Shouts were generating way too much threat.


So this is a bug with Classic and not a holdover from Vanilla?


It was a bug, it was not an accurate representation of threat in Vanilla. It was hotfixed yesterday. All is well now.


Someone tweeted about the in game rain in some guy’s stream then my mom called and told me it was raining where she was.

True story.


Hm… I’m really only curious to see if there will be more “fixes” in the future.


Apparently it wasn’t.

(Phelios) #19

So is it really a nerf then? Since that was how it was back in vanilla?


If something is not working correctly or is broken, then yes. To expect otherwise is silly. Some people take nochanges too serious.


Isn’t “fixing” something to make it more Vanilla like, actually in favor of #nochanges? Because the amount of threat the Shouts were generating were definitely not an accurate representation of how it was.


No, it’s a fix to bring it in line with how it worked in Vanilla. It WASN’T working the way it did in vanilla. That’s the bug.


it was like this in the streamer beta and it was this way until the nerf which means they didnt care about it.


Oh, believe me I am definitely not a “nochanger.” There are quite a few changes that I would like to see. This is more of an ongoing debate between my wife and I on whether or not Blizz will cave to qq and start class balancing in the future.


Yeah, no, I see the disconnect here. You were saying that the fixed value is the correct Vanilla value, therefore no nerf. You are correct.


That’s all good and stuff.

But the title to that thread is misleading.

People figured out it was possible to clear dungeons by AOE cleave in Vanilla.

I’d say it was likely due to the high pop of dps, low pop of tanks, and the lack of a full toolset until 60.

Since your typical tank in a dungeon was likely dps spec while leveling in vanilla, there weren’t any real tanks until warriors respecced for raiding. CC wasn’t even needed unless you were undergeared for your level.


I don’t understand why people are upset about this. Famous players and guilds got things nerfed/buffed/fixed in the past too.


we can change anything, as long as its under the pretense of a bugfix! And the dumb playerbase wouldn’t know any better :slight_smile:


Whos asmongold?


The guy who makes six figures a month playing a video game.


yeah but when the game sucks I can stop playing it. asmongold had to play BfA and whined about it the whole time lol


Esfand got stuck in queue for 6 hours near launch after unlucky disconnect… He keeps saying he logs in in the morning to skip queues, because there are way less people playing in the norming. Thats called picking your spot, not streamer prio?