Kicked from groups for explaining tanking mechanics


To be fair, dungeons at level 29 aren’t THAT risky if the aggro is a little chaotic.

35-40+ is where it can get spooky

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I believe you, but personally I havn’t experienced that. Infact i’ve experienced the opposite where groups are very patient with tank and everyone lets the tank go first. It is possible you just got into some very bad groups with some jerks. I would keep going and maybe try to meet people half way? You can certainly say to the group you are doing x, y and z. But don’t make it unbearable for them each pull, they will inevitably get agitated with that, especially if they are high skilled players to begin with.


There’s a demoralizing shout joke in there, at the end… somewhere.

Yeah, it’s tough. Don’t think people are fully there yet on how tanking feels.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Keep your head up.

With the right talent choices (mostly arms, some prot for Defiance) I’ve found Charge > Clap > Defensive Stance > Demo Shout seems to work pretty well. But if hunters open with multi shot at the moment you charge I mean, who’s fault is that really?

edit: charge to skull and put sunders into it asap

Do the best you can do, and stay positive. No one can really blame you at that point.

If they do, they’re just jerks. Move on


Why would this be silly? Its a buff and buffs cause aggro…


This. In Vanilla/classic the easiest way to aoe tank is spamming demo/battle shout. And works well for the idiots who are playing classic who just wanna aoe.

But when people hit 60 and think you can AoE everything, they’re in for a treat. It’s just rough until BRD +.


Even better: It was a bug in the first place. “Grandpa” wins this round. That style of play wasn’t “working as intended.™”


Come to our guild. We would happily have another good tank.


How is this any different from Vanilla? lol


Throw on a 2-hander and let anyone tank that wants to. Or do some duel weilding. If/when the going gets rough suggest that ‘we slow down a bit and do some cc’ Don’t make it an ultimatum. If it goes fine, with no wipes then cool. Have some fun.

repairs? meh. It’s monopoly money. worst case scenario you get a horsey a day or 2 after you ding 40.

BTW, I am not advocating for the gogogo mentality. I personally hate it. I have a warrior at 20, ready to start tanking dungeons but I haven’t yet , mostly because I know this stuff is going on. If I were in your group, I would be following your marks. I haven’t found enough people that think like this to join a dungeon run on either toon on my realm. :confused: But my suggestion is what I will probably resort to when I do decide to go, unless things change and I meet a good group. And I have good groups of friendly people. It’s just obvious they don’t want to play that way.


While I’m sure your intentions were good and you were trying to help out, you have to realize how you’re perceived if you start typing random long paragraphs explaining basic game mechanics.

It makes it seem like you’re talking down to them, in addition, makes it seem like you are spending more time and energy being critical and typing out long paragraphs about the minute details of basic tanking mechanics than you are spending actually playing the game.

If you need to tell someone something of a basic nature at all that can’t be explained in like one sentence, one time, just wait until the end of the dungeon to pull said player or players aside and over to give them extended advice.

Don’t be that guy that all they do is type in chat to micromanage someone every 5 seconds.


If you are balanced or strong in your defensive talents you will have no issues keeping AOE threat. This just forces tanks to cycle through the mobs with their rotation. Executing this with sunder, revenge, heroic strike, and only use taunt on mobs that lose agro. You can even pull them back with heroic strike if taunt is on cooldown. But if executed well, you wont have to rely on taunt whatsoever. This method is very successful with no more then 3-4 mobs at a time. If you end up pulling too many, then hit challenging shout for the crowd control and back to cycling your rotation.
Ziot if you master this Technic, you will be a Tank God. Keep your head up brother, make the guilds notice you more valuable then the average tank.

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This. My goodness, just let people play the game.


Are you sure you’re not one of those tanks that want everything to be done your way?

Speaking for 5 mans only, as a tank I acknowledge that everybody wants a fast run, but that doesn’t mean everything needs to be marked or cc’ed.

And that sometimes DPS will pull, or even an impatient healer. And that’s fine so long as the group can deal with it.

And within the first two packs, one can usually tell how competent the group in general is.

And if the competence is there, I am very happy to let the hunter pull, because that is one mob I don’t have to tank and can focus on building threat on the others. It’s good for everyone, not every single mob needs to be tanked in a 5 man.

Trying to tank because there is a proper ‘format’ to it is. Whatever works and makes for faster run for all.

The only thing I say is ‘if you’re gonna pull, be careful’. It’s just a 5 man instance after all.

Of course this doesn’t work in a group that really doesn’t even know how to focus fire on the skull even after being told. Most groups know how to focus fire on the appropriate target without any markings even.

I agree with those who think that if you’re getting grief from people who aren’t killing the skull, it might be because they just don’t want to be told what to do. Especially by a stranger. It’s bad for the ego.

Perhaps you’re as polite and diplomatic as you believe you are.

People still hate being told what to do.

And frankly, I find that as a tank, my groups always behave well when I suggest that I need their guidance rather than the other way round lol. Even when I don’t really do.


It’s about managing expectations as well. Let people expect less from you as a tank and they will be pleasantly surprised.

Get people to expect too much and there’s no way to go but down.

This is human nature.

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Not your problem how other players manage.

Smugnorant players tend to ignore good advice and then wonder why they can’t clear the upper dungeons and raids.

Play your style, get a good guild and don’t worry about it. You want a guild of veteran wow players, not a bunch of retail noobs who think they know everything.


Sounds really bad. My condolences.


They must have used spell reflect. :wink:


Stop acting like this is a PUG problem. Guild runs of dungeons and pugs are no different. They are the same people. Being in your guild doesn’t make them better players. Nothing about this commonly spoken nonsense is true whatsoever.


Your responsibility is to keep aggro off of the healer. If dps pulls aggro on a mob which I’m not attacking it’s their responsibility to lose it/handle it. I’m not going to run around like a headless chicken chasing the mob you pulled aggro on if you’re dps, distracts me from watching healer and looking around for adds. Has always been my policy and nobody seems to have an issue with it. Tbh idc as long as the dps doesn’t wipe us with their decision making. If the healer has an issue with healing dps and tank then the dps can be told to tone it down a bit, otherwise idc.


Maybe you should stop trying to tell other people how to play. If they want your ‘advise’ they will ask for it.