Changing demo shout threat gen


Gonna be interesting.


Even less tanks to go around after this change


Well ill have a pocket tank in about 10 levels or so, but yeah.

This will be interesting.


what? what is this on about



If you had to rely on bugged abilities to hold aggro before, then you were a bad tank.


But wasn’t there a “not a bug” bit about battle shout and threat during beta?


“The threat generated by Battle Shout is not capped at 5 party members and is increased when affecting targets such as Hunter and Warlock pets within the same party.”
Sounds like the problem was a multiplier got screwed up (like the raid party xp thing)



Gonna be interesting to see how many tanks drop off the face of the planet though.


Exploit early, exploit often folks.

RIP people who didn’t get to SM/ZF farm.

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According to our reference client, working as intended lol.


clearly there full of it man. We need higher difficulties. Load of crap all this. YOU WERE A DU MB KID AND STUFF. Oh you were just bad back thne. Shut up retail kids.

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Are you okay?


Isn’t changing much. WoW was never hard and never will be



Didnt know ppl were using this bug til someone told me i need to demo shout for aoe threat glad they are fixing it.


So it WAS bugged. Knowing the vanilla threat numbers, I thought people were exaggerating, or that low level instance mobs just didn’t hit hard enough to make it an issue, and I figured it wouldn’t be a viable strategy in endgame content because mobs hit too hard.

Well, glad they are fixing it.

I have just been tanking the old fashioned way with tab revenge/sunder. Works great, assuming you just pull one pack at a time. Don’t see any reason to resort to gimmicks.


Bad tanks are gonna get exposed. Nice. I was wondering why Warriors were holding threat much better than Druid bear tanks.


Demoralizing Roar was equally bugged – if your Feral Druids were objectively worse than your Protection Warriors, they were simply worse players.


Yeah the people who weren’t exploiting threat…were objectively worse.
What I meant was that Druids have far better AOE threat and people didn’t get to understand this due to the exploit.

This was one of the few selling points of Druid tanks in Vanilla.


Don’t understand why people are saying current tanks are bad for spamming a high threat ability. If anything, you should call tanks bad when they can’t adapt to the change.