I give up on tanking


Don’t quit! I was getting bummed out too, and then it hit me. They’re the ones sitting around hours looking for me. If they don’t appreciate what I do, they can sit a few hours more and I can find a group that will within 5 minutes.


why are so many people saying “if your not wiping its not a problem”?? you can tell who the trash dps is with that comment lmao. nice tight pulls are way faster than a sh*t show every pull because dps dont understand how threat works.


Did my first vc run on this character on Friday. The warrior was running around crazy, didn’t wait for casters, basically aoe everything. I don’t recall how many times he died plus others. He dced. The got friends to replace him and the hunter who also dced. The rest of the run was smooth and no deaths.


Hey, question, did you bring this up with the group before you came to the forums to complain? Genuinely asking, because I’ve had similar problems and most of the time communication is the crippling factor, not ‘retail brain rot fungus’ or whatever. Because you’re the tank, you’re the de facto leader, the pace maker. They follow YOU. You should be telling your deeps when/where/what to CC or how big the pull is gonna be and which mob they need to be targeting. And if they’re complaining that they got aggro when they burst X instead of Skull, tell them, gently, that you do not have enough rage to hold 10 mobs in one pull, so if they peel something they need to take care of it. That’s why they have mobility and control skills.

If they’re not listening, and they’re not doing their job, they’ll learn by dying. This isn’t retail tanking where everyone gets a dozen AoE taunts off GCD they can spam, holding everything isn’t really feasible, especially when they’re ignoring aggro. You’re suppose to control the battlefield, and sometimes that means making judgment calls about letting a gnoll with 13% HP slap your rogue around.


I would argue if the DPS is already screwing up at lvl 20 then they are the noobs

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Once they fix battle shout to work the way it did in vanilla you can effectively generate more threat than a sunder, but on every single enemy at the same time and for only 10 rage (dependent on how many friendlies you hit with battle shout)!

Demo shout was bugged to multiply threat based on number of targets effected, but I believe that was already hotfixed (though only from talking to warriors, Blizzard hasn’t stated it yet). They stated Battle Shout was also going to be fixed/changed to work the way it did in 1.12, which will actually be a buff to threat I believe when/if that hotfix happens.

The statement about battle shout/healing etc is a bit unclear because he doesn’t indicate if that will result in an increase/decrease, but from what is known about how battle shout should work in 1.12 and the fact that it wasn’t nerfed until 2.0.1 (see 2.0.1 patch notes), it seems like it should be buffed compared to what it was doing in classic.


I mean i would get upset if they did this in every dungeon, including the higher level ones.

Ive seen multiple posts about the issue of people not allowing tanks to be tanks, so hes not the only one.

Most prefer doing aoe runs than running with a normal group. Its kinda the norm in classic now.

However i do hope you find a better group. There are ppl out there who prefer to run dungeons normally, just you gotta find those people…or join a guild with people running often.

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Tbh tanks can’t hold threat at all even at 60.

You need mages, those are the real tanks rn


And we were suppose to know you aren’t 17 any more how? You decided not to share that info. Sounds like you just wanted to complain, and expect everyone to agree with you.

Welcome to Classic, where tanking is hard and stupid DPS are more apparent.


Imagine thinking Mages have a hard time finding groups in this meta.


I pretty much agree with the sentiment “if no one’s dying, I don’t care how we do it.” If you’re doing a raid boss, I can understand waiting for a couple of sunders just to make sure everything goes smoothly, but even in late dungeons, it just doesn’t matter that much. Even without the broken demoralizing shout, I don’t have trouble holding aggro at 60 anyway.


I am playing a tank as well in Classic.

I can’t say that these issues are affecting me in the same they are affecting you - you shouldn’t let these things irritate you. In early dungeons, your role and effectiveness as a tank is pretty minimal. So with this in mind, your role, in these dungeons, is to facilitate the most expedient / efficient dungeon run that you can.

You also have to realize that this is the 1.12 patch of vanilla, so classes, especially certain dps classes, are very strong - so telling everyone to tip toe around just so you can be 100% sure that you are holding aggro on everything is a bit annoying for another players - ESPECIALLY in the early levels and dungeons of the game.

I also DPS to increase the number of dungeons I can plow through for exp as a warrior - since I’m planning on leveling exclusively through dungeons pretty much - and it is very easy to tell which tanks are confident, expedient, and efficient with their tanking, and it is also very easy to tell which ones are intimidated, overanalytic, and slow - unfortunately, the way your post is set up, you seem to be the latter. I’m not trying to be mean here, it is what it is.

Its good that you aren’t tanking anymore, the warrior tank representation right now is extremely bloated. Find something that more fits your niche.


I think you’re missing what the points are here. This mentality is one of the reasons no one wants to tank. Until you stop thinking like this, it will always be the same.


I’ll roll a prot warrior, this is when Prot had cleave and execute and stuns up the wazoooo.



Thank you so much, Knuckifubuck. You said it very well.


Eh with 20000 other mages it’s hard to be the one mage that gets picked out of the mage pile.

Probably easier than finding a group as a non-mage DPS tho.


True, if you’re going with the assumption of 1 class per group. More realistically, you see 3-4 mages in a group due to how insanely effective Spell Cleave is.

As for raids? 10+ mages in a 40 man raid is not uncommon. With one mage running Winter’s Chill, the rest are just pissing damage with 1 button.

Take a look at some of the Ragnaros kill logs. None of the top DPS mages have any other abilities on their rotation besides Frost Bolt.


There’s a huge range of how pulls go between “nice tight pulls” and “a sh*t show”.

If you pull 1 mob whenever possible and only handle the 2 or 3 when absolutely necessary that’s going to take a lot longer than grabbing a consistent 2-4 mobs. Keep an eye on the healer’s mana, get a feel for the pace, and start pulling to match your party’s capabilities. It really can save a lot of time for everyone. One mob taking a few swings at a DPS is not “a sh*t show”.

So yeah, if we aren’t wiping or being stretched to our absolute limits then there’s no problem.


I get around this by starting my own groups. I let the groups know I am there to have fun and take things at a good pace but not over burden anyone, especially myself as the tank or the healer. If dps continue to pull randomly I ask them to stop and if they don’t I just remove them and replace them. It’s happened twice so far out of 10ish dungeon runs. If I wanted to play with the gogogo mindset I’d be on BFA doing mythic+.


I can see both side of the argument because I’ve been on both sides and a tank and dps. I always had a healer that understood not to waste all their mana on healing mages that spam blizzard at the start of the fight before you even have a chance to get aggro or rogues who love to attack anything but the targeted skull and refuse to use a nice thing called feint they all seem to forget about. So when they inevitably eat s*** they can understand why aggro is important. On the other hand there are warriors who are claiming tank only to get into groups where they have no idea how to play their class. They use the first of their precious rage on rend and heroic strike and expect to be able to keep aggro. My advice is to help new tanks learn and be patient with letting them get aggro so they can improve and be less of a problem later.