Remove Spell Batching

90,000 old posts from 14 years ago

90k posts > Video proof?

Video proof of what?
There are 15 year old videos of rouges sapping a mage and then being sheeped by the incapacitated mage, or sapping a warrior, only to have the sapped warrior cut his little head off, or priests major healing the tank, only for the tank to fall over dead.

Which are none of the things that i described. Thank you for reading.

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i’m not buying blizzard’s response to people who had dial up internet connections as being viable these days.

get rid of spell batching asap

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Artificial lag isn’t fun
blame the #nochanges crowd for stuff like this

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Unfortunately people seem to think that batching was specific to Vanilla. It isn’t. You can still gouge a blink in retail. You can still HoJ a charge. You can still get poly’d with grounding totem up. Everyone will say “This is #Nochanges!”, but it’s not. It’s a change. It’s different than it was. They’ve created artificial batching which lays on top of the already in place natural server batching and it’s gone quite sour.

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Some people also have the flawed idea that batching was actually a skill based game mechanic as opposed to a random uncontrollable fluke of server optimizations that happened to make spells and actual game mechanics act erratically.

Blizzard should have said batching is gone, one of the benefits of using the modern server architecture and been done with it. The beta played so much better before they cludged in batching/leeway.


There isn’t a single good argument in favor of batching. The people who claim to be pro batching are just trolls, looking to stand out. They literally don’t know their own mind. But that’s what happens when you ask people to give their opinion about a topic. You’ll always run into people who have a bad one.

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No, it replaces the retail batching, which is like 1 to 20ms or something like that.
Dont know why you think it is sitting on top of it, in addition to it.

Not going to happen, they specifically decided that it should batch the same as in vanilla, and that is after testing it with the retail batch cycle in place.

Yes they are, thank you for not understanding.

No it doesn’t. Retail spell batching isn’t something that they implemented. They can’t remove it. It’s genuinely a biproduct of server communication. The Classic spell batching is merely put “on top” of the rudimentary spell batching that will always exist in this video game.

Regardless it’s not the same batching we had in vanilla.


Yes, it is.
Where do you get this nonsense from?

Got a source on that?

LOL what would that be, I am really curious what that might be? Is it the part where my gouge goes off and I start to bandage and then I get auto attacked after the gouge?

Maybe its the part where I land a couple extra auto swings after my blind goes off?

Could it be the part where I sap a target and then ambush off the sap and am also allowed to backstab them before the sap breaks?

Maybe its the part where I blind a target, and my lock buddy can load them full of DoT’s, and for the next 2 dot tics the CC does not break?

Maybe its the part where I gouge another rogue and he gouges me at the same time?? Oh wait, that could happen in WoD after the batching thing got changed. Because I could also do the same in wod with sap, and blind, so that cant really be it because that never went away.

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I have died inside my iceblock 7 times now.

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No if you watch footage from vanilla pvp videos and you see a rogue use cheapshot. The energy gets takent at the same time as the effect applies to the target as well as getting removed from stealth. These things happened simultaneously. Not one happening before the other

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Dont ya just love it when sap puts you in combat because your posions proc now on sap? Me too! So freaking awesome eh? I never had that problem in vanilla.

I especially love it now that my sap also triggers frost armor, and other aura armor effects, that were specifically fixed in like 1.10 or so, but lets look at all the fixes in vanilla and how the theme of the fixes applied to us, its kinda obvious to you and I, but I think the other readers could learn from these bug fixes that target these issues, such as gouge breaking on procs and stuff that should not happen with CC that people are calling “LOL BATCHING” when it just did not happen that way in vanilla. These are just some highlights from the rogue patches though vanilla, and did not include them all because it would get a little long if I did.

  • Patch 1.10.2 Fixed a bug which prevented Vanish from working properly under certain conditions.

  • Patch 1.10 Sap - Lightning Shield will no longer break Stealth when the Sap is resisted.

  • Distract - This ability will no longer trigger a Shaman’s Lightning Shield (which caused the Rogue to lose stealth)

  • Patch 1.7 The fire damage from the Blazefury Medallion and theGutgore Ripper effect should no longer immediately break Gouge

  • Patch 1.5 Vanish - Should be a lot more responsive when used to avoid incoming attacks.

  • Patch 1.4 Combo points will no longer be removed if the target is deselected. They will only be removed if a different target is selected.

  • Fixed a bug where combo points were not always being applied to the target when using Cheap Shot, Ambush and Garrote.

  • Vanish - Increased stealth bonus

  • If using Gouge triggers the Stormshroud Armor lightning effect, the Gouge effect will no longer be instantly interrupted.

  • Patch 1.1.0 Vanish will now cancel spells in progress and missiles in flight if they are being cast at the vanished player.

Its kinda obvious that our abilities were intended to work correctly, for the people who think we were intended to be a buggy mess in vanilla it just was not that way and we were often fixed in the next patch if a problem cropped up. Stuff like my cheap shot being constantly resisted, and my saps causing frost armor to proc and that kinda crap just did not take place in vanilla like this for extended time, it always got fixed and I was able to carry on playing my class in whatever spec I enjoyed best in PVP.

Now I am forced to play daggers because LOL orc stun resist went from a minor annoyance in vanilla to LOL just use gouge and hope rng does not proc and make your gouge break by auto attack or some other BS that I have specifically macro’d out on a stop attack before and after gouge is applied, same with sap, blind and vanish but LOL batching in classic. Seriously never had these problems in vanilla, and just used the base abilities as they were and they legit worked 100% of the time. No kidding the only times my vanish failed in vanilla was when I was in the middle of a bunch of melee who were cleaving, or when dot was on me, or when a mage was smartly using some AE to prevent a vanish. AKA vanish 100% only broke in vanilla when it was my fault, not because of some BS batching lag.

you know how many times ive sapped a shadow priest only to get stunned by blackout which isnt supposed to happen. then getting removed from stealth and having sap end prematurely and losing the opener

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Don’t ya just LOVE it when when Shadow weaving also stacks from non shadow damage abilities like psychic scream? Me too! Such amazing quality from blizzard, its like they got it 100% legit perfect on the first try, in before the white knights defending blizzards honor, these are the bugs they have fixed so far, and admitted they have not produced a flawless reproduction of vanilla wow. Classic is fun, but it still needs a lot of work before its up to the vanilla standard.