If you are a tank


Was it really? Thank goodness! I was tanking SM last night and it seemed to work the same still but… this is good to know.


If you’re a DPS, and your only vocabulary is “gogogo”, please learn there are other letters in the alphabet.


Yes please…


I use my sword and board while leveling against specific mobs that have cast times so always have the skill up


and if you are a tank, after 5 seconds into combat a Warlock should be able to put a DoT on a second target with out pulling threat.

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If you’re a DPS, and you realize that the last dungeon you ran was faster. Please understand that it wasn’t because of you, it was probably an overgeared healer or tank that made it easier.


Training up 0/100 weapon skill indicates your character is pretty low level, so its more acceptable.

The OP is complaining about people that have 45/300 weapon skill. Which is what, level 60? This is a much bigger problem rofl.


Dude. I just got this wep upgrade. Don’t worry. One of the four mages can cast int buff on me and it will be leveled in 3 pulls.


It shouldn’t be much of an issue then either. Just start off with small pulls until your skill levels up more. It doesn’t take long at all. When your skill is that far below your level, it increases on every swing. Spam Sunder Armor and Revenge because it’s an instant attack that levels your weapon skill even if you miss.

There are ways to hold aggro that don’t involve hitting with your weapon.


yeah i actually brought it up due to sm farming and seeing unarmed skill go up after i ding/disarmed.


but you are a DK

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Exactly. Plus the tank’s skill number will get into a very reasonable range after probably about 5 minutes. The math here is easy.


Leveling up 0/300 takes a while, additionally, as a warrior if you can’t hit things due to no weapon skill, your rage generation is severely crippled, which leads to not being able to generate any meaningful amount of threat on mobs via your toolkit as a warrior.

I personally wouldn’t assume this particular tank that the OP is complaining about was utilizing these other methods of holding threat, i.e shield spike or grenades via engineering. Additonally, don’t grenades have a 1 minute cooldown?

Neither grenades or shield spike should be the main source of a tank’s threat, they should just be supplemental. Even if said warrior was using both of these things, I could see how the group would be kind of annoyed.


I saw a priest recently do that to a mob - punched it to death, and I just though it was the most hilarious thing possible to see a priest just punch someone to death lol


well yeah…


It really doesn’t take long at all. I think you are underestimating how long it takes to swing your weapon 300 times, which you can accelerate by using instant attacks like Revenge, and Sunder Armor. After you get to about 290 skill or so is when you will stop skilling up on every swing, and you’ll actually be hitting at that point as well.

You can start off tanking 1-2 mobs at a time until you get capped. Just don’t try to tank full groups at first and you’ll be fine.


You are overestimating people’s patience when grouping with a tank that can’t hold threat on anything because they have no rage because they are at 0/300 weapon skill tanking Scholomance or something.


I saw the title and am compelled to finish the sentence as



I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagee. I had no trouble doing it, but it seems like you have had a different experience. To each their own.