Can't see anything

Where do you look if everything is dark?

Need them cookies!!

Could use more people for keys. Almost enough for 2 simultaneous groups. Very active for early afternoon to late night.

M+ rank 4 lyfe.

The more tanks and dps i can heal in M+ the better! Though would still love some portals and cookies for raid.

Bumpin up! Just need a lock, where you at?

Bloop! Need more closets!

Cravin them cookies still!

We would love to summon some locks, if only they would click accept.

Would love some portals!

Hopefully next raid we can see a soul well!

Raiding now! Come an join us lock bois!

Up to the top!

Needing people for the new raid. Gearing runs and prep already started. Haven’t pugged mythic plus since joining and I run from the time I log on until I log off. Really enjoyable.

Need two competent RDPS and a rogue

Bumpin up! Would like to see some nice dps in raid!

Get in on this action. Super active. In need of some Lazer bois and cat lovers.

Come on in any good portal-makers and shooty-pewpew-makers!

The spots are open come take them while you can!

New raids here still looking for new dps!

Good night of raiding! Still looking for more dps to hang with us!