[A] <Versus> - Benediction - Laid back, Semi-Hardcore Raiding - Tu/W 8-11pm EST

Versus is a North American guild founded all the way back in the TBC days but is most known for it’s time spent on the Zeth’kur/Elysium/Light’s Hope private servers. Our leadership is made up of experienced raiders from every expansion of WoW and top 200 world mythic raiders from BFA. On the private servers, we were known as a very friendly community and raided in a laid-back environment while still being a successful guild. We cleared everything up until AQ40 where we decided to call it quits until WoW Classic.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday - 8-11pm EST
Wednesday - 8-11pm EST
A 3rd day may be added in later phases for progression
A 30 minute extension may be added for progression

Loot System
We run a fair and transparent Loot Council. Everything will be documented through google sheets and posted for the guild to see. Updated weekly

We are currently accepting all classes and roles throughout the leveling process.


  • Be prepared and on time. We will start invites 30 minutes prior to raid and be ready to pull at raid start time, be on time or give notice if you may be late. Be at the entrance if you will be late!

  • Play your class to the highest potential. There are plenty of guides out there for you to know everything you need to know, be specced properly and have your pre-raid BiS/enchants. We are not a hardcore, world first type guild so we do not expect insane min/maxing, but we do expect our raiders to do their jobs and play efficiently.

  • Be respectful, don’t offend others. Our guild has always been known as a friendly community, we would like to keep toxic players and bad attitudes out.

  • We are looking for team players with good attitudes who are all interested in working together for the same end goal. We are not interested in selfish players who are only interested in their own progression (you will get that phat lewt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). We are a team!

  • We are a laid-back raiding guild but we do take our raiding hours seriously. A fun/chill environment is what we prefer but we also need everyone focused up killing the internet dragon :slight_smile:

  • All types of players are welcome! We don’t care if you are new to classic, an experienced vet or even new to World of Warcraft, we are accepting all experience levels. Come learn with us!

If Versus seems like a good fit for you, or you require more information, PM me on discord or drop a reply!
Guild Discord - https://discord.gg/cbwuPF7

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We have decided to move from Herod to Stalagg

Still looking to add more bodies to the roster!

All classes and roles open throughout the leveling process!!

Haven’t seen you in a while bit. <—Bank

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Raid times are confirmed and recruitment update!


Versus has decided to move from Stalagg to Benediction due to the long queue times!

Hello there! I’m definitely interested…Tuesday and Wednesday are my days off, so your schedule looks good. I’m new to WoW though so I’d need some build and load out advice. That said, as long as the raids are fun I don’t care what I’m wearing :wink:

(Oh-and currently I’m a lvl 17 mage but hopefully I’ll make 20 tonight after work)

I am extremely interested in finding a guild on this server. I also transferred from Stalagg but all my friends stayed on that server :confused: and honestly your guild recruitment sounds far better than the other guilds I’ve seen recruiting on the forums. If you’re looking for a healing focused priest add me Dreamking#11495 I’d love to be apart of the community.

I’m interested in joining. I’m fairly new to the game, played here and there but I know my way around :slight_smile:

Hey sorry for the late reply! I just wanted to check and see if you ever got in contact with us in discord or in game. Hit me up in our discord or in game and I will get you an invite to the guild if you haven’t already been :slight_smile:

Hey man, I’m fairly certain we have already invited you but I wanted to double check. Sorry for the late response, I’ve been away from the forums for about a week :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump for a great guild.

Interested in joining up. Raided on [A] US-Sargeras from Classic thru MoP where I lost interest in retail.

Making my way up through the levels and looking to move from the guild I’m in now towards a guild that more aligns with my end goals for Classic.

I’ve joined the Discord channel.