[A] <Boop> [Frostmourne] RECRUITING for Normal raids. **WE NEED TANKS!***

You ever wanted to tank raids? Well nows your chance. Boop needs two tanks to get back into Raiding! Had to stop at 3/10N due to not having the tanky tanks! So dont be shy tanks, come say hello! ALTS WELCOME!

Boop is always on the look out for active social toons that are looking to get into raiding and M+ without the stress.
We welcome all players, regardless of skill level or previous experience.


HEALS - The more the merrier!
DPS - If you can whack it, pew pew pew it, or put a spell on it, we want to hear from you!

Currently looking to fill out the roster for Normal raids (Currently 3/10), before heading into Heroic.
No crazy requirements, no try outs, no Ilvl 10 higher than the raid drops, just come along and bring your positive can do attitude! You wont even need pants!

We foster growth and are always willing to lend a hand to newer players. Its just what a good community does!

We run a relaxed chilled guild, no drama, good laughs, and unlimited Boops.
Boop is also a completely inclusive community where everyone is welcome!

Add me on Bnet Cornellious#1289, find me in game, or request an invite through the guild finder at your convenience!

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Could use a Warlock!
And more DPS is always welcome! :slight_smile:

Those pesky servers causing troubles again!
Come check us out when they are back up :slight_smile:

Always room for more! :slight_smile:

Room for more!
Currently 11/12 Heroic, so very close to that last one!

Come join us!

Now going to be pushing into Mythic!

Come get your BOOPS!

Everyone is welcome at BOOP!
Im online come say hello!

Looking for a Myth exp Warrior, and Warlock!

Still recruiting everyone regardless of skill though!. Come run some Heroic, or older raids, or M+ Keys, or any number of other things!
Social and drama free, come join the fun!

i added you on bnet to have a chat :slight_smile:

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Hello there!

We are Still Looking for more! :slight_smile:

Now 6/12 Mythic!

Who wants a good booping?

Hey guys

I’m very keen to join, some unfortunate drama has meant I’ve had to leave my previous guild. I mainly tank but of course happy to switch to DPS if you guys are full on tanks. My warrior is 466 and I’ve got alts that can be geared up quickly depending on what you guys need. Currently 8/12H as a MT

Pretty casual going, raid times work pretty well for me too
Please add me on Bnet or in game and hit me up :smiley:

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Hey there,

Added you ing love to talk more

btag# Amiitty#11960

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Free BOOPS! Come get your FREE BOOPS here!

We are still hunting for more!

Hey there, I sent Roxul a Bnet req. I’m looking for a friendly social guild in Frostmorne. Relatively new but not really player, have played wow through multiple expansions but nothing too hardcore. I’m a Shadow priest but would like to start dabbing into Holy Priest since I’m used to playing healers in other MMOs like FFXIV. My Bnet is Changymon#1713 , and I’m based in Victoria.

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