Why is Blizzard silent on Brigette

Except they’re not talking about ANY thing that happens in the game.

The only dev posts I see are in threads like “What cereal do you eat while playing overwatch” or whatever.

When they do deign to grace us with insight into the development and balance of characters, it’s always non-committal quips- “We’re currently not happy where x player is.”

vv Thank you, Jeff. :slight_smile:


Did no one, I mean no one, listen to pappa Jeff when he said she was gonna change the meta? Did you people not believe him, apparently not by the amount of people who ignored quick play for an entire month and are just now acting offended.

I hope he does it again. I hope they add that spider hero that shoots lazers and has a floating hitbox that no one can hit. You guys are silly.


I have full confidence Blizzard will nerf her in six months once they have their data.


actions speak louder than words. They already have a nerf for her on the ptr that should be live soon. I think it’s safe to say she is on their radar. Do they really need to make comfort posts?


In what way is she “absurd” in that category? The only thing I can see she needs change on is her ultimate, armour is rather strong so it needs to decay like Lucio’s shield. But that’s about the only thing I think needs changing on her.

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Hi. Sorry for not posting in awhile. This is the first time I’ve had time to check the forums all week. As you know, we have some changes patching in to the game today (Rialto PvP, Hanzo Storm Arrow, Brigitte shield adjustment). We also have a PTR deploy that we’re hoping to get up by the end of the week (originally it was scheduled for earlier this week but some bugs came up that were critical to fix so we held on to it). We expected the PTR w/ patch notes to go live so therefore were less concerned with communicating via forums and/or social and were surprised when it did not go live.

The PTR build (when it goes live) has some balance adjustments. The max armor from Brigitte’s ultimate is down from 150 to 100. We’re also discussing some other changes that might make it onto the PTR when it goes live or might go live next week (if at all).

We were trying some interesting things with Ana as well. I’m not sure which of the changes (if any) will make it on to this PTR cycle (some of the changes required new tech so we need to keep testing before rushing something out). Please interpret that as: we’re interested in making some minor improvements to Ana but they may or may not make this PTR cycle. We’re also looking closely and Brigitte and we are reading and appreciative of the feedback.


Thanks jeff now finally we got an answer. I’m sure everyone will be happy about these brigitte nerfs.

Please nerf her shield bash cd too thanks.


They’re likely rolling out her PTR nerf today. They’ll give it some more time, and then decide if they need to do anything more.


Now can everyone stop their “Nerf Brigitte!” posts please?


Ahh ha ha
The irony of the thread title.
also, hi Stylosa.


Yeah, Pappa Jeff has spoken. You get your shield nerf. Be happy forum. :speak_no_evil:

Hey Jeff, appreciate your response on the forums. Will this PTR also contain some bug fixes for Reinhardt and Sombra?
Reinhardt fixes were announced for mid april and Geoff said you wanted to keep a close eye to Sombra, but we got nothing yet.




at least she doesnt get a huge advantage in the next fight thanks to ending the previous fight with ult

Good so Hanzo is going out today I can link your post as a proof now thanks. :smile:

Yeah, in essence they don’t. But my point is, I doubt that these balancing changes are made out of incompetence. I think it’s 100% intentional and a calculated move.

It won’t take that long. I suspect in a couple of weeks we’ll see some small nerf. People act like if they don’t make a change this week then the sky will fall. It’s really ridiculous.

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Brigitte nerf yeah yeah. but ANA BUFF :smiley:
It’s been 84 years…


The funniest bit about Jeffs response is that he said nothing about her shield stun cooldown.

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