The Ana Cabana (Ana Fans & Ana Mains Welcome): New Ana Legendary Skin! 8/6/2018

Probably both, I do have the Ana Brainstorming thread gathering dust somewhere around here as well. :slight_smile:

Spot on!! Thats the one.

Buff Ana, please. The Ghost of Metas Past is really making Blizzard screw itself over with every change they make.

So I decided to give the old lady a try one more time in QP… and the minute I picked her someone told me to switch, and through the game they kept telling me how bad I was, how disappointing, and how egotistical I am to play her when I suck.

People say they want people to flex, especially Mercy mains, but when we do this is what we get. It wasn’t even comp and we won easily, I don’t understand why he had to be so mean about it.

Great, now he continues to text me about how I have absolutely no potential. I’m beginning to wonder why I bother with this game at all.


do not take seriously every word of someone you meet in a QP match, sometimes they just say what’s in their hearts or sometimes they just say what’s in their minds when something is not right based on their own point of view


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I know my stats are bad, it’s because when I first tried her I was horrendous with her, but I kept practicing because I wanted to play her. Now I don’t want to play at all. I thought I was safe in QP because I wouldn’t play her in comp, but apparently that’s still triggering.

I just feel so done with this game now.

popping the biggest bottles

between hanzo and ana my biggest guilty pleasure niche picks are getting buffs and i’m here for it

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if this isn’t poggers, I don’t know what is.

I’m genuinely so thrilled. I can’t wait to get full details!


which website did you use to see your stat?

I dunno what he used, probably Overbuff or my in-game stats. I know they are terrible, so I prefer not to look at them. I just figured I play her as long as I think she works, and if the team starts losing hard I usually switch to another healer. We were winning, so I didn’t really see a point doing it here.

By the way, when I didn’t switch before the game started he switched from tank to Widow on attack…

Just here to say that the imminent rise of bunker/spam comp and the high amount of healing in the game means ana’s going to see a lot more use. ok, bye.

i already check your stat and not a bad stat for me. Maybe, you need some fresh air

This is the interesting part. It seems like they’re testing more than just numbers tweaks.

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then after they decide that they find a good tuning for ana and go to live server after several test in PTR. NerfANA will be found in Forum general discussion and the famous thread in 1 month :see_no_evil::stopwatch::hear_no_evil::alarm_clock::speak_no_evil::timer_clock:

I’m gonna start QP for the first time tonight. I will probably pick Mercy at first, then switch to Ana for some other plays. I was hoping the fact this isn’t comp’ would allow me to play who I want without anyone complaining. I’m a bit disappointed to see this isn’t the case. Oh well. I’ll play whoever I want to play - and so should you! Though I understand it’s disheartening to be treated so badly because we choose to play a character in particular.

My favorite grandma! :blush:

It’s nice of you to say, and I went and played some sports to get some of the anger I felt out of me. Ever since I was little I’ve struggled with anything requiring coordination in my fingers, so to be told I would never get any better and that everyone talked about how bad I was… it just hurt. I try to be nice and encouraging when I play, especially when it’s just QP, so I don’t understand why someone would use so much energy to only say negative things.

And experiencing this just as we are told about possible Ana buffs… it should have made me happy, but now just thinking about her has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Did anyone hear about jeff saying their looking into some improvements for ana :smiley:

so stoked for the buffs jfosg. dive is dead + triple sup meta. this ana main’s in cloud9