Prediction: The first real 'nerf' Brigette gets will be

…That the armor from her ult starts to decay after a set time instead of persisting forever. The charge points for her ult is roughly the same as Lucios, yet sound barrier decays in a matter of seconds. The armor from her ult causes snowballing.

Feel free to tell me I’m wrong, it’s fine. Just wanted to get this in writing.


Sound barrier also starts at 100% barrier and works to 0% – Rally To Me, does not.

Yeah but the armor from her ulti builds slowly, sound barrier is an instantaneous hp barrier.

this is the main thing the dev team said they were worried about in her kit, so i’m inclined to agree with this

perma 150 armor is super strong in ways that you won’t really see in QP

having an ult that you can use out of combat and then still have full effect of about a minute later feels strange

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i can imagine her ult being nerfed due to its snowball potential

I bet if the armor starts to decay, they increase the armor cap to at least 300 and it decays slightly similar or maybe a little faster than Lucio’s.

This would in turn also cause Torb’s armor to decay.

Her ultimate gives 300 armor over its duration, but is capped at 150 total over their health. This means if you use it out of combat to just generate armor for your team, you’re effectively only getting half of its potential compared to having it running during combat.

Yes, in QP you can spam ‘my ult is ready, group up with me’ and your team will ignore you. Using her ult while your team is capping point A while the enemy is regrouping on B on Horizon, for example, pretty much guarantees you will steamroll through B.

Fact is, unless you are playing on a pro team or an extremely high rank, it’s almost always better to use her ult away from the enemy team, just to stack 150 armor on your 5 teammates.

the armor doesn’t regen fast enough for it to really make a difference mid combat. if you’re using it in the middle of a team fight your teammates probably won’t end up with the full overheal. and maximizing HP pools is super strong in this game

I would not be surprised at all. Just like the Tracer pulse bomb nerf even if it’s not what people want emotionally it’s something that makes a lot of sense.

Hey, look at that. Who would have guessed.