Not enough nerfs to Brigitte

“Max armor from ult reduced from 150 to 100, and her shield slam hitbox reduced from 90 to 60”… well, thx, but I tired of her killing ability. She literally can kill almost every DD and Sup hero every 5 seconds with her combo +1or2 hits. And she can 1x1 some Tanks. Of course if you have very good aim you can deal with her in melee, but come on.

Can you pls increase her shield slam cd at least to 7 seconds?

And mb even reduce her dmg from “left click”, but increase dmg from abilities? So she still can kill Tracer with combo, but will not kill other heroes that fast? Like, from 35 to 20 per swing, from 70 to 75 for her boop and from 50 to 60 for shield slam.
Or decrease her health to 150 from 200, so she will have 150 health plus 50 armor. Phara is strong women in armour too, but she have only 200 hp without any 50 armor points, and she do not have any shield.


It’s PTR for a reason, there might be more changes coming.

And your changes to her are practically how to Kill a Hero 101.


Also, just because she’s able to kill with her combo doesn’t mean she’ll always get to do it. Your argument is the same as the old “Doomfist can one shot every 4 sec nerf him now!!!”


Brigitte needs her small cooldowns to catch high mobility heroes. Look at Tracer you’re giving her additional 3 seconds to charge a brink or whatever…


they’ll do changes but your changes to rather sound like you want her to be garbage tier.


She is in every match. When you see her, you need to run away or you will die. She is coming for your soul. But you need to contest the point. You can stop her only with your team, but in low ranks people could not get it. And why this changes will kill her? Is that okay that support hero with mobility, shield and 250 hp with armor can also kill everyone? At least her model is not that small.


Its pretty funny how you can replace Brigitte with Roadhog in that post of yours, yet no one has trouble dealing with him but somehow someone who deals much less damage and has less health is more threatening?


I just say maybe make her do a little less damage but enough to keep her combo powerful but not feel overwhelming. And I feel like increasing her shield bash combo would help it just seems a little unfair to me that McCree’s stun take11 seconds to be ready again and hers take 6 seconds


needs to get out of comp and go back to ptr for full rework


maybe a little to far she just needs some nerfs so she feels more fair and fun to play against and this is coming from a genji main

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With Doomfist you can kill him while he charge his fist, while he in charge, plus there is a chance to dodge.
With Road, he only have his hook, so I just provoke him to use it, plus giant model, plus 8 sec cd on hook.
They are not that scary as Brigitte.

(Mb I don’t get your mind, Im not good at english, so pls forget me)


People always underestimate and/or overestimate how much each balance change affects to the game.

Unless the goal is to delete Brigitte, which lot of people actually seem to want, i’d say these changes are rather significant, and pretty good, reasonable start towards toning her down.


So which is the problem? Brigitte being too scary or the two of them not being scary at all? Roadhog and Doomfist are a bit of a pseudo counter to Dive, but due to how easy it is to dodge their oncoming CC and the long CD of the hook, they’re just pushovers and free targets for Dive

Brigitte is the only character who can effectively fend for herself (and her teammate with armor) against Dive, whilst being a big enough threat that Dive Heroes would sometimes avoid her.

With Roadhog, you throw your hook and miss/ gets dodged, that’s it you’re free charge for 8 seconds and you have to run for cover. Not the type of presence I was expecting from a Hero like him


I do not want to her to be deleted, but she seems to me “a little” unfair. She is ultra impudent.


His argument is the same as what you said but comparing doomfists right click to brigittes busted shield bash that are two different things

she beats any and all tanks except orisa in a 1v1, making rein/zarya/winston completely unplayable at like a 99.9% rate, it’s an over exaggeration but try playing tanks and see how fun tanks are to play with her 4 second cd stun

and that 4 second cd stun also allows her to delete mostly everyone she stuns cause shield bash + 4 left clicks is like 220 dmg in less than 3 seconds

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There is another change coming to PTR that didn’t make the first build up there.

We’re raising the CD on her bash by 20% (5s->6s). We’ll keep an eye on her to make sure she is still in a good place, as the last thing we want to do is over nerf her.


Y E S.

it’s not the 8 seconds I hoped for ,but it’s something.


I don’t think 6 seconds is enough, 7 or 8 is what she really needs especially since any of those CDs are reduced by 1 since she has the longest stun at 1 second duration


if you must nerf anything else about brig after that try reducing her shield health from 600 to 500 and that should be enough tbh.


7 should be the good balance between :frowning: