Place your bets, how many months will Brig be mandatory?

So now that we know Brigitte will be nerfed via the standard development cycle rather than the quick hotfix other broken heroes got (sorry Sombra, McCree and Bastion), we can assume this’ll be the same as how they treated the mandatory support heroes (Ana and Mercy).

So here’s my prediction: the first nerf will come and it won’t be enough. The next will be two months after that and still won’t be enough. The third will be enough and we’ll total five months of mandatory Brigitte.

Similar to the four month failures of Mercy and six months of Ana because Blizzard failed to learn from Ana and my guess is that they failed to learn from Mercy.

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Because of how boring the meta is and OWL, it will get nerfed much more quickly. People are going to fall asleep watching the “nothing dies with Brigitte” meta. At least with Mercy things died, just got rezzed back up instantly.

Didn’t Jeff say that there will be a PTR patch the next week, containing the Brig nerfs?

It’s a minor nerf, not going to slow down the Brigitte complain train.

He said that it’s not all and maybe there will be more

Yeah the OWL factor is important. Either they’re intentionally making her broken enough to change the OWL meta and we’re guaranteed to have her broken for at least an entire stage, or they’ll nerf her fast because it’s pure zzz and there’s no skill curve. Hard to say.

I mean they definitely wanted to get rid of dive every game. The problem is they made it so it’s going to be Brigitte death ball every game. I am honestly excited to see the new meta for a stage, but I’m sure people will hate it more than dive.

Obviously map dependent. You wont want to be running a Brig when attacking lots of open sight lines and high ground (think second points of Route 66, Hollywood, and Dorado, for example). The way Brig is designed she is going to be must-pick on some maps and a throw-pick on others, the way all heroes should be balanced.

Zero. Zero months. Brigitte is not, and will not become a must pick in the vein of Mercy 2.0. She will be strong in some comps, but far from the best in every situation.

So, nerf(s) are hitting PTR this or next week. They will likely go live a week or two after that, just in time for OWL Stage 4.

Nerf to the Ult is a big one for higher-level play, while we have no info on the other hinted nerfs that may or may not go in.

Nerfs are coming, and they are coming fast (since she hit Competitive).

The standard pro scrim comp already makes Brigitte mandatory. High-masters, low-GM is already filled with Brigittes. Reinhardt + Zarya + Brigitte + 2 other support + Off-tank/Junkrat/Widow/Mccree is already meta :frowning:

That may be true for the pros right now, but at the same time the standard pro comp always had Tracer and Winston too, that didn’t make them must picks in the vein of Mercy 2.0.

In dive meta it’s not like teams that didn’t pick dive lost automatically… below masters dive teams didn’t even dive, they just mimicked the composition. In comp during mercy 2.0, however, you would 90% of the time lose if they had mercy and you didn’t. What I’m saying is that this won’t be like that.

Two weeks. The scrim data is out there.

I don’t think that Widow or Mccree are solid picks for plat/gold border, but it actually looks like we have meta here on the lower ranks.