Bridgette needs some nerfs, but please don't gut her

Bridgette can do with some nerfs, I agree. But I feel that a lot of people are pushing very hard for her to be absolutely turned into a unidimensional unfun character similar to what happened to Mercy.

Please do not do this.

Please don’t.

I cannot handle another main of mine being turned into something less fun than me scrubbing my toilet.

Please please please don’t ruin bridgette because people are refusing to learn to adapt.


Just bump CD on shield bash from 5 to 6.


They nerfed ultimate, and made SB harder to aim. EZPZ. Asking for anything else just classified that person as a “person with no placement skill”

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Blizzard only usually has two types of ways of balancing. No nerf or massive nerf, brig counters two of the most popular hero’s we all knew she wasn’t going to last like that.

3 of the most popular heroes for last several months are Moira, D.Va and Mercy. She only soft-counters D.Va.

Your example is Mercy, the hero that Blizzard actually managed to nerf into a fairly balanced spot?

If they did that with Brigitte that’d be ideal.


Ah I didn’t realize they had such high pick rates I was more referring to Tracer and gengu. I guess I shouldn’t have said she hard counters two very popular hero’s not the most popular.

I am not sure how she soft counters Dva at all. On PC I pretty much main Dva and I have had little issue with her. She is kind of annoying in stunning me and when the whole team has armor is do less damage. If I catch her on her own at all I will destroy her.

I play a lot of D.Va. Brig is just a very tough nut to crack. When she ults, I feel basically useless. She also can stop both missiles and boosters, as well as not leaving you a chance to re-mech.

But she is only a soft counter as D.Va can abuse never-ending storm of pellets to pressure Brig and her vertical mobility.

I’m sorry, but they probably are

Can’t have supports being fun or contributing

Ya her ult is a bit annoying and just seems like she can have it read for every fight…

I hope the 100 armor nerf is paired with making the time to get it a bit longer and really I think she would be in a decent place. I just worry they will go overboard with the nerfing.

The only thing they need to nerf/ look at is her Ultimate

It’s way too strong for something that gives the defending/ attacking team who win an easier time to continue that win

Everything else is okay; hence why they’re planing to nerf her ult

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What did they do to her ult??

I say gut her to the ground.

So far lowered it from 150 armour, down to 100

But Mercy is REMARKABLY unfun is my point.

She’s going to be nerfed on the PTR. This actually seems reasonable so long as there aren’t other changes.

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I thought playing Briggite was a toilet scrubbing simulator.

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… 20 characters

Subjective. I find mercy more fun.