Is new hanzo coming out today?

Since we are getting rialto, just wanted to make sure.

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I hope so! I’m hoping this patch has all the PTR changes.


He is indeed my friend :slight_smile:

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I really hope it is, but gosh I’m gonna miss teaching geometry lessons…
Or at least the voicelines.

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On Twitter it says soon. So don’t think it will be released today.

Nah, you have to wait for about 5 hours, but yeah, once every month seems to be right.

There are 2 types of patches

Tuesday Server maintenance patches happen in the mornings eastern time
Thursday PTR patches that happen in the afternoon eastern time.

Patchs are here for the maintenance to night.
Or at 8-9 PM ( EU ).

On twitter it said “Tomorrow” yesterday. So it is definitely coming out today. This is the first map we’re getting outside of the regular cycle. It’s actually going to be the fastest we’ve gotten a map from announcement to release.

I’m talking about Hanzo not the map. Someone asked about the Hanzo release under the Rialto announcement and Overwatch replied “soon”

I hope so, that way I can add his new abilities to my Custom Game.

PTR is close so he will be with the map and others nerfs.

That’s not what it said on Twitter

My fault, I misinterpreted what you had meant. Someone bundled it into one patch.

Just because the changes were under the same patch does not mean they can’t push them separately. I would expect them to follow the same pattern for balance changes (Tuesday, probably not even this Tuesday if they decide to take longer reviewing the feedback on Hanzo, and even longer if they decide to tweak it based on that feedback.)

Hanzo at your service.

Most likely, yes.

Lost my meka to scatter in one game today and got instagibbed as Orisa in another. Guess this was scatter’s way of saying goodbye.

Here so we can close those thread now.

It is not “New Hanzo”.
He is “Better McCree”.

Better McCree will be out today.
Bad McCree will still be available to play, but why would you?

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