"Sees developer post on the OW forums talking about Ana buffs"

Le me scrolling through recent dev posts on the Overwatch forums…A wild developer post appears!


Wait, look closer…

Number #1: Minor? They better be some pretty big “minor” changes.

Number #2: Could you at least tell us what the changes might be, so I can figure out if I need to rejoice or make an essay long post describing how said changes could hurt Ana?

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Did you expect her to dual wield detachable Genjis with lasers on their heads?

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I would advise making the post first, just in case.

Did you expect us to imagine what that looks like?

If so, mission accomplished, the image will remain with me for the rest of my life.

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Minor just means not Hanzo of Sym complete skill and character changes. Minor could mean something like Ana can now heal thru barriers. that would be huge but just a tweek to a current skill.

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No real talk, I want either

A) Shooting through full health allies
B) Self regen outside bionade
C) Shooting through full health allies.

Any of those would be good.

I’m gonna get a tat of it.

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Godspeed my man, godspeed.