Any ideas on what the Ana changes could be?

Hey guys, in the off chance we don’t get any spoilers from Jeff’s posting spree, what do you think this could mean?

It definitely tells us that it’s a lot more than tweaking numbers-- probably not a new ability, but a new passive? Post your theories!

and pray that jeff has mercy on us ana mains and spills the beans to ramp excitement
I don’t care if any of it goes live, I just want to know what’s on the radar TT

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Some sort of self heal?

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that’s my first guess, that it’s some sort of passive regen dependent on something. If it was like Mercy’s they wouldn’t need to try ‘new tech.’

Of course, that comment could be referring to a tweak a lot of people have shown interest in-- shooting through shields or full health allies. That would take some work to get correct!

Honestly, I think the numbers are fine. Healing per shot, damage per shot, grenade healing and damage, I think all are fine. She’s a fantastic healer and can do some good offense too. She just needs to be able to do it.

Whether its mobility or self-sustain to keep herself alive, or the suggestions people have been throwing out there that she should heal through barriers or full health teammates. Something to make her more consistent than her current gamble of a kit.

Yeah, her numbers are pretty ideal.

I kind of don’t want it to be mobility based since we’re experiencing a creep of ‘viability depends on mobility’-- plus part of Ana’s fun is having to be clever about where you sit due to your lack of ‘escape’ button.

i think self heal is prio, and QoL changes like shots penetrate full HP targets.

I can understand that. Not every hero needs to be mobile. And in fact, I like finding those spots where I can get clever sniping angles. (I once had an angle shooting under cars on Hollywood)

All I know for certain is that there will only be two outcomes.

One: nothing changes and Ana is still as useless as ever.
Two: Ana becomes brokenly overpowered again.

There’s not ever going to be any in-between for Ana. She has to aim her heals, and that will always be the albatross that hangs around her neck. In order for her to be useful, the rest of her kit has to be worth more than her healing and damage, and if that’s the case, triple-tank meta will be here to stay. Imagine how good it will be with a strong Ana on top of having Brigitte.

I have zero faith that Blizzard will be able to put her in a good spot, simply because of her design.

Some new tech!? Is Ana getting a jump roll like in her Highlight intro??