Brigitte confirmed to be getting nerfed soon, ana is getting buffs ,hanzo rework going live in a few hours

well ,they’re buffing ana ,it’s finally happening.

Notice how they’re discussing “other changes” ,possibly more nerfs ?

This was in a thread asking about when hanzo is going live


laughing heavy meme

Oh, it’s too precious. Either blizzard switched sides to dive hater now. Or nobody has been watching the forums for weeks.

Nice tone downs though, didn’t like hitting people 3 feet to the left of me.


The ult nerf for Brig is very welcome as are the potential Ana buffs, but nothing on bash cooldown? Hopefully this is included in the ‘other changes’.


Can’t believe you found it #blessed


Lets hope they don’t nerf her into the ground like Mercy’s ultimate was. Fingers crossed nerfs will make her enjoyable for the majority.

Thus the start of sledgehammering her to F tier to hang with Bastion.
Time will tell.


Ana won’t receive anything big because the devs have already confirmed they are afraid of buffing her too much as to Triple Tank returning, but it’s something so I’ll take it. With Brigitte/CC/shields/armor being a big factor now, I wonder if Nano Grenade will stop shielding now? Or debuffing armor? Though Nade is already pretty loaded.

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As in a few hours, when is that, do you think? I want to make sure i get used to the new hanzo as my computer is too filled up with games to download the PTR

Patch time is usually in 2 hour 15min (at least for events), I’d guess then.
(could of swore it was 1h not 2 :D)

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I’m guessing in 2 hours and 15 minutes from now ,the usual time for updates (or 1 hour and 15minutes ,forgot the exact time)

Thanks Matsy and Haitham :heart:


remember we have a 8s stun that doesn’t counter tracer?
I think it has to be 4s to counter tracer as intended, maybe the interacting with the shields need so work

You mean mccree’s ? that’s on a 10 second CD.

besides ,it doesn’t counter Tracer because mccree can’t land it ,it’s a projectile with a cast time (0.5) ,so tracer can blink to avoid it ,while I believe shield bash is instant

Brig’s ult: Won’t be nerfed into the ground, just made more fair the game.

Mercy’s it: Wasn’t nerfed into the ground, just made more fair for the game.

Brig is fine, Mercy is fine. No one gets nerfed into the ground besides that pre-50% less damage while healing hog nerf, lol.


The armour still perment so you still have to chip away at it plus brigritta better still gives armour on cool down.

“Other changes” could also mean increasing heal potential, as that was one of the things they stated they were going to watch and possibly increase.

P.S. I wish they went with Armor decay instead of lowering the max amount.

Good point ,Brigitte buffs never even came to my mind ,but I don’t think they’ll buff her yet without any compensation nerfs.

Though ,could you tell me where they said this ?

I think armor should have a cap. Like a 150 unnatural armor cap so you cant get over 200 extra HP using brigitte and torb.

Edit: Does anyone else give armor that i might somehow be forgetting? (I dont mean natrual armor like Dvas)

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But they are nerfing her ult, and hit box reduction is coming out today. I honestly don’t mind if they increase the CD on Bash (no higher than 8 sec) but they would have to make her healing much better.

It was in the Brigitte Q&A

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