Any info on nerfs/buffs?

We are talking Healers here.

And? Her deleting Tracer with her stun isn’t why she’s good at a high level, that can be easily played around with teammates or better positioning.

The problem was her ult, and that has been addressed.

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Brigitte also has less healing capability than the other healers, so she does other things (like stun and burst dmg) to compensate.

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Ana can one-shot combo Tracer: 150 hp

Zen can one-shot Tracer with Discord

Moira’s damage orb + ult can get pretty close, if not meet that damage.

Lúcio’s headshot, melee, soundwave burst can almost, if not one-shot.

Mercy’s pistol can shred if you hit heads.

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Brigitte isn’t a DPS. She’s a tank. But yes, she is getting a nerf to her ultimate. The max armor is dropping from 150 to 100.

Here ya go.

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All of those are harder to get than a simple combo that destroys.

I agree, but healers are still capable of dishing out crazy damage if not respected.

Moira is fine. Brig is on the chopping block

Moira is balanced.

Her DPS isn’t a problem. Her problem was the armor and that is being addressed.

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Moira’s fine, don’t ruin her too. Brigitte needs some adjustments but hopefully she won’t end up with Mercy treatment.

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Her health isnt the problem, its her DPS

She’s not a healer. She can heal, but her primary function is an off-tank.

And the 150 damage means she has to use everything in her kit to land on one person.


Without scary damage, people feel no incentive to stay away out of Brigitte’s range. 150 isn’t high. And having to utilize everything to accomplish it on one target isn’t that much.

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Same w Ana Sleep Dart, Bio Grenade, Shoot, Punch.

I don’t understand the correlation?

Moira is fine. She has too many counters and Hanzo’s buff is an indirect nerf to Moira. Moira is weak to snipers and Hanzo got a buff with Rework 2.0. Hanzo’s arrows are much faster now.

Ana as a healer could also destroy someone but her sleep dart actually is harder to hit than a simple 60 degree thing that stuns you and gets you killed

Because her sole purpose is to heal. She has utility based around her strong healing.

Brigitte is NOT meant to be a healer. Her primary function isn’t to heal. It is to be an off-tank - to punish people getting close to her teammates. Her healing is lackluster compared to actual healers.

Ana can also 100% negate the enemy team’s healing. It’s not that hard to do. But that doesn’t inherently make a hero OP because look at where Ana stands lol.

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Yes. She is a high skill hero, her abilities are expected to be harder to use. But, she’s not in a great place overall anyways. She’s getting buffs to put her more in line with what the other supports can do.