We got a response on Mercy

I dunno what forums you’re looking at, but there are tons of Brigitte posts.

Many people are upset about his response due to the fact that he didn’t address the issue that most people on the thread are addressing. Her problem isn’t her pickrate, or her viability. It’s that she is unfun for a majority of the players that play her.


Can you imagine how disastrous of PR that would be? By calling out the people calling her ‘bad’ and saying they have no intention to buff or nerf her, he completely avoids the problem of addressing “We disagree with the people who don’t enjoy her. Play someone else.”

There are not 22k Brigitte posts. At all. Remember that like 1/6 of the playerbase is a Mercy Main.

Well, it took 5 months for the Mercy posts to build up. They made the feedback thread when there were less than a thousand. Of course there’s not 20k+ posts right now.

That doesn’t sound like potentially to me. That sounds like the next day or so.

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Oh man, brace for impact.

And while your here, come to Jelly and Jams thread stop, order anything you would like👍

Come one come all, right here right now😂

There used to be more per day tho. They’re on the decline.

Unless they just missed it in the patch notes, they reverted Lucio’s speed boost nerf from jumping off of walls. PTR isn’t the final say of what goes live.

What? Mercy nerf? Where was this posted?

Brigitte. Not Mercy.

Tears of joy! The Mercy mains on here have been making us Mercy mains with a brain look really bad. Hopefully they will be quiet now, but sadly, I doubt it.

No one is complaint about the Brigitte nerf tho. The Lucios mains were complaining rampantly and they basically ruined the hero entirely. This is a number tweak.

But they are ignoring her. Why else keep a megathread up that claims they are reading feedback daily or whatever when all that matters to them is actually the win rate and pick rate? Close the megathread, it’s redundant and nothing more than a silencing chamber for Mercy discussion. Every other hero is entitled to discuss on the main forum, why should Mercy be banned from being discussed there too? We’ve had tons of Brigitte and Sym threads lately, more than Mercy, yet no megathreads for those heroes.


I’ve already seen people complain about the Brig nerf. Mostly because they think it’s the wrong one or Blizzard didn’t crush her into the dirt enough, but complaints all the same.

22k posts over a balanced character. If that isn’t fanaticism I don’t know what is.


A lot of people loves playing her, otherwise she wouldn’t be among top 3 most played heroes.


Are they ignoring Soldier: 76? Or are they just doing nothing because there is nothing to do?

Does Soldier 76 have a megathread? No.

The issue won’t go away because Jeff says she’s balanced, we knew that. She’s still not fun though.