Ana "buff" on PTR ? that's it ? that's all you think she needs?

Sadly…yes, i know.
I can already see ana player be like:
“You guys can’t kill anything so i might as well boost myself”


I mainly play her to goof off but now I can actually do 1.02 times as well now!

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it doesnt say specifically, but it means her shots can go through allies that are fully healed. Idk if its enough cause i dont play ana.

That’s a really big QoL buff that Ana mains have been asking for, for a while now.

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I know Ana has been garbage for millennia, but are you guys seriously satisfied with just that? Wow…

Did you read the post Jeff made?

This is only one of the changes coming. Since he said he wasn’t sure if any would be added to this PTR patch. Lets just be happy that something was added so we know what to expect.

Being able to shoot through full health targets with her rifle is a big buff.

Also Ana can now nano boost herself In Deathmatch. So there is that.

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I mean it’s not nothing but it doesn’t change the two fundamental problems she has. One, that she has no mobility/self-sustain. And two, she still can’t heal through barriers. They’re so afraid of buffing her that they’re neglecting what she was always supposed to be; a main healer. As it stands now she’s ill-equipped to fill her own role. Until the impact she has in a capable player’s hands is comparable to Moira and Mercy it isn’t enough.

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This is way bigger than you think it is, no more fat Roadhog’s blocking shots he doesn’t need so Genji can finally get his healing! Just kidding, he will never get enough healing XD

She can nano herself. That’s the most amazing thing yet.

Yes she definitely needs more. But as Jeff said, more is coming. We’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

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this is amazing.

Now whenever hanzo decides to do a little dance in front of you, you won’t be missing shots so long as he’s at full hp.

Yeah, I’m interested to see what they’re trying out.

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Only in FFA. That’s it.

Honest truth as a support main I NEVER play FFA. There’s no one there to save.

It’s a start. She might be able to in actual games eventually.

I actually feel her unscoped fire and sleep dart travels faster aswell, and the selfnano surprised me on the practise range haha

I think its wonderful just because it means they’re going to help her out. I love playing support and Ana is the only one I never play since I don’t feel like I can help my team enough in her current state, especially if I’m the only healer.

Apparently they’re going to up her ammo count to 14 in one of the next PTR iterations as well, so it’s not like they’re ignoring her.

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yeah its everything she needs

Healing passive of some form

And Ana will be a viable option again


You guys are gonna get her nerfed back to oblivion. Take what you can get.