Why is Blizzard silent on Brigette

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but I can’t find a single post from Blizz on the issues with Brigette. I main tank and am having a miserable time playing this season. Brigette is in every game which is to be expected, but her CC is op, it needs a fix. Literally every post for a month has been about this and to my knowledge we just have silence from Blizzard… I left for a while and came back and was enjoying the game again before her release, but this season sucks. Blizzard has to agree there is a problem. She should counter genji and tracer, but come on, she’s countering everyone, she’s super difficult to kill, and she’s in every game. I’m not enjoying it and the community seems to agree but we have silence from Blizz on it. We want to know if you care blizz. I’m willing to stick around if you’re gonna fix things but silence isn’t acceptable.


They can’t talk about every little thing that happens in the game.

Give it a week, we’ll hear something about the Baguette nerfs then.


It’s not a little thing. Top streamers are leaving the game because of it, streamers with huge viewer counts. Top 500 players are talking about it non stop on stream.


Who cares about some random Top 500 streamer? If they’re quitting because of 1 FREAKING CHARACTER, They really shouldn’t be playing this game. Or be in Top 500 to begin with.


Not everyone in the community agrees though.

In fact it seems to be split between “give it some time in comp” and “she’s OP pls nerf”

Seems blizz is giving it some more time.
Also, working on hanzo, sym, etc. Which have been issues the community has been decidedly in agreement on for far longer.


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Blizzard does not care about the community so why would they post about Baguette on the forums? Eventually I’m sure they will write something, but only to announce that they are once again ignoring feedback and making some undesirable changes…

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They do care

Their main goal is that she enters OWL Stage 4 in this state and becomes a must pick that will shift the meta

It’s the same thing as Valking Mercy. They intentionally did it slowly to make sure that she entered OWL in her busted form and “diversified” the meta while also making fights longer.

Once that happens, they will probably nerf her.


It’s hard to use hanzo and sym being an issue for longer when brigette wasn’t around. I’d say brigette in her current state is the worst issue in the game right now.


I’ve had a few fights against Brigitte and I can’t say I feel she’s dominating in any way or form in competitive. It’s not like she’s 100% carrying and is utterly broken, in fact unless the team plays around her to her strength, she’s rather useless.


they just want to delay it as long as they can.

You know that it is always about building your whole team around something to win right ? Like D.va and winston help tracer and genji to dive. orisa helps bastion on junkertown pirate ship. mercy helps pharah etc.

But brigitte is absurd in this category and needs massive nerfs. specially on ult and shield bash.


Because all that’s going on here is rampant complaining, and Blizzard doesn’t make decisions based on that. If their data shows that she’s too strong then they will take action as they have in the past with Roadhog, McCree, Genji, and others.


I don’t think you get it though. I’ve been playing Blizzard products since 2004. Blizzard is incredibly notorious of FOTM. Hell, they probably invented it. FOTM exists in all of their games, whether PvE or PvP.

They know before they roll out a change whether it’s going to be too strong yet they continue to do so anyways “and let the playerbase give us feedback so we can change it and look like we’re doing a good job.”

Edit: I’m not undermining their work. I question their motives when it comes to big changes. I’d rather something be released that’s too weak than to be too strong so everyone doesn’t have to deal with it.


Interesting theory, though it kind of underlines what I was saying… if their intention is to diversify the meta in OWL and they are sacrificing the community to do so, then they don’t care about the community…


If they don’t change her soon enough they lose pretty much half of their playerbase.


The thing you have to realise is that it’s not just the inclusion of one character, it’s the inclusion of one MANDATORY character with a very low skill level.

People get to the top500 by using their ambition to improve, but with Brigitte? It’s a chore as there’s no skill curve and you need one to win.

Not to mention the fact that every dps bar a few like Junkrat is doing badly, and being able to shoot in this team based shooter is generally a popular thing.


Except they’re not talking about ANY thing that happens in the game.

The only dev posts I see are in threads like “What cereal do you eat while playing overwatch” or whatever.

When they do deign to grace us with insight into the development and balance of characters, it’s always non-committal quips- “We’re currently not happy where x player is.”

vv Thank you, Jeff. :slight_smile:


Did no one, I mean no one, listen to pappa Jeff when he said she was gonna change the meta? Did you people not believe him, apparently not by the amount of people who ignored quick play for an entire month and are just now acting offended.

I hope he does it again. I hope they add that spider hero that shoots lazers and has a floating hitbox that no one can hit. You guys are silly.


I have full confidence Blizzard will nerf her in six months once they have their data.


actions speak louder than words. They already have a nerf for her on the ptr that should be live soon. I think it’s safe to say she is on their radar. Do they really need to make comfort posts?