The Ana buff that didn't make it

Just wondering what was the other Ana buff that didn’t make it to the PTR. Very curious now since she really needs more help

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The only thing I can think is shield piercing since they said they had to do some development work for the other change. I can definitely see that something like that would require some extra effort.

This wasn’t as easy as her other buff, usually bugs come from hitboxes so you should be thankful instead of having a broken ability that waiting and it being perfect.

Who are you comparing her to? Doomfist?

Doomfist’s hitbox wasn’t a bug?

So wait… its confirmed Ana has another unannounced change coming to PTR, right?

Just wondering why you are comparing her to doomfist when she never really had any big issues with buggy hitboxes.

Should be something new coming, unless that new tech was entirely shooting through allies…

It was mentioned by one of the dev

Since they said minor improvements I think it’s safe to say they were talking about shooting through allies.

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If you are wondering about the new tech it’s probably shooting through allies, code can be tricky sometimes

Well that sucks. It’s more of a QoL thing rather then a buff. Granny is taking a long time to get back on her feet.

Shooting through allies, what? It’s already live… I thought there’s another buff coming for her ??

I hope so but considering this is also a buff that might be what they were talking about

I never said Doomfist at all.

Where did I say doomfist?