Brigette Nerfed: You guys did this

this is b8 right? if so it’s pretty frickin strong b8.


I honestly don’t see the big deal with Brig.
Before and after the changes.
I countered her hard with DoomFist. Plat/diamond Rank too.

People don’t like to adapt.
She’s extremely weak to range and no one likes to shoot at the shield for some reason? it melts so fast.


Yeah, we did it.

Maybe try not to attach yourself so much to overtuned heroes next time?


Wait what did they change armor wise patch just said they reduced the bash cone from 90 to 60 which as someone who play Brig i think it needed I was stunning ppl that I clearly missed


Brigitte’s addition was primarily made to counter an overused playstyle; Dive. Her main focus is to protect her healers and defense heroes so Dive DPS can’t whip their crap so easily. I’m happy Dive comp is getting a beating.

Brig could use a few nerfs, but her character’s purpose is to stun backliners, which is a similar defensive playstyle that McCrees and Lucio players, to protect their backline with stuns and boops. But people play those heroes the exact same way, offensively because “to hell with helping my team, I’ll just be amazing myself.” Brigitte’s kit is centered entirely around pesky and fast DPS like Tracer and Genji. Also meant to be used, just like any stun, to open enemies up for attack.

Time to learn some new heroes, you can’t just simply glide through competitive playing Genji and Tracer anymore. Time to grow with the game you play, or leave. I’ll be happy to show you the door.


Nothing yet, but this is scheduled for the PTR:

Ok I hope they tweak the ult a bit that armor stays to long it discourages engagements to much and which needs to be balanced i don’t know how many times I should of been punished for mistakes I made but didn’t because that armor was still on the character is fun to play but needs some tweaks hopefully they fix it without destroying her

Except the fact that she counters way more people than just dive DPS.


And so does McCree and Lucio. Lucio boops tanks further into his own team’s line if he’s ballsy enough. McCree can stun over Rein shields and even kill misplaced DPS and healers.

It’s all situational. Tanks and other DPS probably shouldn’t be too close to her. She’s a Swedish warrior, she’s goign to be laying as much of a smack down as Rein will if you step too far out of line.

Except there’s counterplay for both boop and flashbang. How is Rein supposed to counterplay shield bash?


If that’s the core of this problem, then I actually had a great idea. Maybe her shield bash interacts with enemy barriers. Like if she bashes into one, it stops her and those behind don’t get affected.


McCree can stun over Rein shields, not through them. It’s honestly a ridiculous mechanic. Brigette stun needs to not go through shields, full stop. Rein/Orisa/Symm or Winston bubble. Maybe then tank will be playable again. Because right now the whole entire class is in shambles.



Zarya’s bubble stops her bash, and Orisa’s fortify makes her immune to stuns. It’s an even dumber arguement to say tanks are irrelevant.

But like I made mention, if that’s the main issue everyone’s concerned about, then make her bounce off of shields or something.

All I know is if a Pharah forces me to either; Learn a ranged hero like 76 or Widow or something to kill her, then Brigitte is just fine forcing tanks to hop to either OR15A or Zarya. Fair enough?

If not, then nerf Pharah first. Done deal.


Every GM-top 500 streamer I have watched have vented about how terrible Brig is. It’s hardly even debatable.


Streamers are fools with opinions. Think for yourself.
If you agree then assess instead of just blindly pushing to make something happen.


You say that but I think you will find that a lot of the streamers are OWL players. Even space said in an interview that his role is basically irrelevant now that Brigitte is in the video game.


I don’t watch OWL, you’d have to fill me in on what Space plays. But even then, they’re just good players payed to star on an Esports program. It doesn’t mean they know everything about this sudden and new hero.

Also, pray, OWL is filled with teams that run Dive. Don’t listen to what they have to say about something that makes their favorite composition weaker.

Once again, I don’t mind her being nerfed, she’ll remain my favorite support hero, Rein my favorite tank, Symm my favorite defense, and Sombra my favorite offense. I think there should be more compositions to be admired in OW and OWL than just brainless cut & paste Dive. I’ll be happy to show anybody who likes that to the door if they want to quit because their game isn’t dull anymore.

Brig’s introduction opens up countless new opportunities to invent some new compositions. I like the Northern Warrior composition I’ve seen and had fun with, Brig,Mercy,Torb,Rein,Zarya,Zenyatta. It’s fun, and enjoyable to play, and works well against dive heroes. But guess who counters such heroes without much thought? Bastion, Lucio, Ana, Pharah, Junkrat… But then who do you play to counter them? Tracer, Genji, Winston. Counter them? Brigitte… the cycle goes on.

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Why does everyone say she counters rein when all you to do is left click and win shields don’t stop melee and the stun goes through shields the same as reins charge


I agree here, but also brings up another good point. Reinhardt is a beefy Brig with no healing. He destroys other tanks if they rely on shields, and destroys most DPS if left out of line. JUST LIKE BRIG!!:rofl:

“You guys did this”

And I proudly accept credit for that.