(EDIT: i dont actually think they hate tank players)


Oh you didn’t know? Devs hate all heroes that aren’t DPS heroes. Get used to it dude.


Well, technically, Reinhardt is the only tank who doesn’t take a off tank role in any comp. Orisa is at least an off tank when played with Reinhardt.


You are like the only person i’ve seen saying that …general consensus has WB as an off-tank and many of us play it that way.


yep, they nerfed DVA, Zarya, RH…
Orisa buff? takes forever…

you wanna play tank? you may be better off playing Brig…


They nerfed Wrecking Ball too.

Feels like the devs just ignores the Mercy situation
(Jeff Kaplan) #101

I understand that you’re having some frustration with something. But saying we hate tanks is a bit hyperbolic. We love this game and pour everything we have into it. For example, these are my top tank heroes played with hours listed…


We play and love all of the roles and all of the heroes. A more helpful discussion would focus on what you like and don’t like about playing different heroes or roles and less about making assumptions about the people who make the game and are here as your allies to make OW better. We’re in it together…

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Of all the threads you could grace with a reply, it’s this one?


Thanks for the input Jeff, are there any planned changes for any tank heroes coming down the line?

Roadhog, maybe?

:broken_heart: Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored
Roadhog's new animations..where are?

Looking good, Boss. :jack_o_lantern: Ready for Halloween.


This is why the devs don’t post here that often anymore.

(Jeff Kaplan) #106

Yes, Roadhog changes were intended for this round of PTR but required animation so they’ve been delayed a bit. He’s not getting a “rework”… just some tuning/balancing. Will take a bit more time then the recent PTR changes that went up, however.

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Awesome to hear, thanks for letting us know!


Doesn’t mean tanking isn’t tedious




Right now, people don’t play tanks as anchors. They play them as damage-dealers with more health. Changes to existing heroes have made a lot of the tanks vulnerable to barrier damage and crowd control. They need to be more capable of withstanding burst damage and crowd control.


Hi Jeff,

Are there any planned changes down the line for Reaper?

Thanks for all the hard work you put in, and hopefully the community doesn’t bum you out too much


tanking in solo Q and in 3-6 stacks is difrent game entirely

in solo i can see its hard to play tanks if your team are just doing their own things

but in 3-6 stacks playing tanks actually enjoyable, your support keep healing you, ure dps also got your back

tanks only good as his team allowed him be



Also, if you have time fight now, do you have any new on Bastion?

Great to hear Hog is getting buffs!


More and more new and reworked heroes are becoming tank busters, with high damage outputs or highly disruptive abilities. I think the complaint is that what a tank has to do right now, to be of value, is soak up abilities from the enemy team rather than aim to survive.

I get the damage soaking, but… Have you guys considered a cleanse-style hero that can aid against some of this barrage? Something that can be conducive to teamwork and help tanks feel a little more at ease with the recent balance changes.


A tank that provides team buffs rather than a physical barrier, a buff akin to Orisa’s fortify maybe?