Why do the Team only reply if you thank them, or related to boasting them in some way?

I mean, i never see them really mention things on people ideas or creativity. They ignore peoples issues and things that could benefit the game, they just don’t care. So it seems. Don’t get me wrong everyone loves praise but if they actual answered some of our questions they would most likely end up with a lot more of it.

I’ve notice 99% of the threads are of ranting or based around it, take this thread for example. It’s based around it, but they won’t reply to it. And if they did they would only close it. They don’t satisfy the player needs, our questions have not been answered.

I could be wrong, please correct me if i am. I hardly see anything on their tracker.


why does it matter?

Whatever they say will just tilt everyone off the face of the earth lol

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Because they’ve let it go on for too long with nothing being said from them.

from a thread called “why do the devs hate tanks ?” (the edit in the title was made after jeff replied)