Why does Blizzard hate tank players?

Has there ever been a worse time to be a tank main? I know Goats is a boring professional meta but buffing all the damage heroes to be anti tanks isn’t the answer. The real solution isn’t to crap on tank players by making sombra hard counter ever hero in the game, giving hanzo storm arrow, making torbjorn melt tanks, making reinhardt WORSE by making double shatter bug and having the shield come up slower that split second has made baiting another reins shatter a living hell for me. The real issue is making braindead no skill trash heroes like moira and briggite that also get AOE healing (lucio is fine). If mcrees flashbang was a little more viable he could actually achieve his purpose of hard countering tracer but since it sucks the range is really bad and the cooldown is 10 seconds he can only check tracer not even counter her leaving no skill brig as the only hard counter. If I have to put up with Reapers eating me alive as winston, and sombras perma hacking my reinhardt, tracer players should have a hard counter but it shouldn’t be no skill trash hero like brigitte. As much as I hate tracer and hope she is never ever meta again brig was overkill. I’m here complaining about this being the worse time for main tank players but I feel for all the genji players out there getting “skilled on by moira and brig”. If blizzard hates genji so much buff winston :smiley: Hammond was nice but he is more of a cherry on top hero he is fun but he isn’t really a main tank unless you’re like the top 1% of players I’m happy he was added but we really really needed a main tank hero. Ashe was cool and all but yay more ways for damage players to eff me over when I’m reinhardt just what the game needed :sob: I honestly think I might just stop playing tanks even though my favorite character is winston and play damage because those players get all the love from blizzard


I’ll take that over nerfing the tanks. They better not touch rein.

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Nerfing tanks should not happen deleting brig and moira will kill goats

What are you talking about? There’s nothing like getting hacked, slept, hooked, naded, punched and then booped off the map. Good times

Brig caused goats not moira. Moira is such an awesomely balanced hero.


Jeff replied to a similar post…

I’m with you on brig but sarcasm on moira? She is the most brain dead easy hero to play

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Naw I was being serious. Shes easy forsure all of the healers but 2 are honestly. I’m just saying shes balanced overall. Goats just inflates her numbers cause she fits it like glove.

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And then op went back on his word. “I did not really meant what i said”

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Jeff can say what he wants but after 2 1/2 years we have 3 real main tanks and just about every patch this year has been bad for main tank players

3 is only theoretical. The ladder stats show we have 1. And he’s for me, the least fun but ultimately just the most practically easy to stay alive with; while the supposed most “effective” at countering much of Tanks’ problems is the least used of those three. And oddly enough, not one used by Jeff.

He likes Rein, that doesn’t mean collectively as an organisation and team that they like tanking.

Let’s not forget that while GOATS is popular amongst pros, it is nigh impossible to pursuade anyone on the ladder to play any tank, never mind a main tank.


Don’t forget how long Rein players have lived with bugs (are still living with bugs).

The supposed fixes to him only made him worse :frowning:

Blizzard hates tanks because the want the majority of the player base of any game wants to play dps. I’ve played Rein since season 2 and he has gotten worse every season after that. I had to branch out to all the other tanks since then to stay at my level.

because “goats”

I like to play tanks in almost all the games I play because of the versatility. Dps are mostly don’t change up that often.

would you rather they directly nerf tanks’ kits?

space and organize your text…

They hate them so much that 3 tanks is META right now!

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I thought they hate widow mains