Basic decency regarding Mercy

This is absolutely comparable to politics. We are talking about policy decisions in a common endeavor we all take part in.

Blizzard are not the parents here, and we are not their children. We are customers who use their product. People aren’t being petulant and mindlessly repetitive. They’re expressing concern with the current state of the game. Much of the discussion is mature and driven by real issues.

One side here is absolutely interested in maintaining the current status quo, and one side is interested in changing it. There’s a serious conversation going on, and the quality of this conversation would drastically improve given some information from the only people who can make decisions here.

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Very few teams use Moira goats anymore. Ana has been performing much better due to the anti-nade shutting down Moira.

Sorry to say this, you aren’t a high tier mercy main. I know at least 20 4200+ Sr mercy players personally who disagree with you. Beam healers pocket people, that is the idea. Even if you swap targets, you aren’t punished. She just isnt the best healer at keeping an entire team alive. She is the best at consistently enhancing one player.

Sure, it literally isn’t an additional player on the team. Just like a fully charged headshot on a player isn’t a player advantage until it goes through. It is an ability which changes the amount of players on the field during a fight.

Context matters a lot with these types of statistics. GM is flooded with Mercy one-tricks who are incapable of swapping heroes. Because the mercy meta has ended, these people cant get away with playing one hero every game. this naturally lowers the overall winrate of the hero until all the players doing poorly in this meta drop to the SR they belong. (the same thing happened with junkrat a few metas ago).

Sombra is the lowest winrate hero in the game despite being considered by pros as a near must pick. Torb is the highest winrate hero in GM despite being considered a throw pick. Blindly pulling statistics doesn’t work in this case.

She went from being the best pick in 99% of situations to the best pick in 25% of situations, of course the winrate is gonna go down as people continue to force her in 100% of situations.


Nearly all abilities in the game do this in one way or another when used properly. An Ana pumping a Reinhardt full of heals is changing the number of players in a fight. If she hadn’t healed then Reinhardt would have died.

This can’t possibly be true now. A hero with a pick rate of less than 1.4% can’t be flooding gm, and a one trick maining a hero with as low a pick rate as Mercy isn’t staying in gm 6 weeks after the change.

The numbers we’re seeing don’t indicate the situation you describe where a character is viable 25% of the time. If they did, we’d see a slow increase in Mercy win rates as her pick rates dropped. What we’re seeing is what a character looks like when they’re not really viable. Also, Junkrat’s drops in win rates were not nearly as bad as Mercy’s.

I’m kind of curious what statistics you would find compelling here if you don’t think a huge drop in pick rate, accompanied by a constant extremely low win rate would look like.

I meant that the constant Mercy posts are the kids, and the rest of the forum just wants you guys to give it a rest, at least with the more combative posts.

Just saw a thread, “the devs aren’t our allies” like what is this, a war?


She is still played alot more than Mercy is.

That’s never how she was played and now her role is TO do that. That’s what the rework did. Made pocketing even better than trying to keep her team alive.

Still not an advantage. Player gets a kill that’s a 5v6 Mercy pushes E gets the Rez off fight becomes 6v6 again. Man advantage means a 7v6.

Which is super funny because before her rework she had a 4% pickrate with a 52% winrate on average. Now she has a 1% pickrate with a 50% winrate in GM.

It’s not players aren’t playing her correctly its that she can’t even function in higher ranks, therefore, players will be forced to swap to something else.

Now Ana is turning into the best pick in 99% of situations. Ana’s pickrate is actually MORE than Mercy’s even when she had instant Resurrects in Valkyrie.

In response to this:

I meant the increase in combatative posts. It’s never “I have an idea to make Mercy more fun” instead its usually accusing the devs of some conspiracy.


Care to link, cuz I’ve yet to see this lol?

A war would be if both sides had equal footing buddy, these kids are fighting for something that has already been settled and we both know how this will end, all of them banned for spamming (which has happened already and will keep increasing until their ban is long enough for them to quit)

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And get all those posts started over again? No, thank you. How about the one we’re in as proof, for starters?

Yeah, no…

I know what you meant. Condescension aside, there are several groups to consider here.

  1. Mercy players who are genuinely concerned about the state of the character, and want to take up their concern in Blizzard’s Overwatch forum. You might not share their concerns, but this is the correct place to voice them.

  2. People who are actively against Mercy being buffed. These people don’t want Mercy posts, because they don’t want the issue to be public so that it can receive attention from Blizzard. Many of these people are actively arguing against Mercy buffs in these threads. If you argue vociferously in a debate, and you have an interest in preventing the debate from happening in the first place, then you can see why it’s hard for Mercy players to take your requests for less debate seriously.

  3. People who don’t care about the issue either way. Unfortunately for them, they don’t get to decide what other people care about. Fortunately for them, participation in forum discussions is not mandatory.

I’ve created multiple threads and posts with ideas to make Mercy more fun. I am also the person who accused the devs of not being my allies. The second is a natural progression from not being heard on the first (or not seeing any suggestions on how to make Mercy fun being heard).

There is no single statistic for any hero which accurately depicts how viable they are. The game is way too complex for that. I’ve played with well over 200 hours of pro scrims with about 20 different 4200-4600 average SR teams as well as hundreds of games of ladder since the Mercy nerfs. Mercy is consistently played at least 3 times more often than moira.

Pretty much all pro/ high level support players agree that Mercy is still a strong pick. She is a lot more map dependent and comp dependent. She also requires a bit more team play to do well on, a lot like sombra. That is fine for a hero.

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This is fair but you forget that on group number 1 the same few people keep posting the same content everyday, look, I understand if you want a buff to mercy now that she has been harshly nerfed but posting everyday will not accelerate the rate of balance

Second, those who are “against” mercy being buffed are constantly getting bombarded by you and a few others, seriously, this has become an incredibly hostile environment for anyone with an opinion about mercy that doesn’t lines up with yours, which is ridiculous

What is annoying is the spam, we know your stand on the issue and you know ours why do you need to remind the forum about it everyday? are you maybe scared that you might change your mind???

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I didn’t mean to be condescending. I was busy at the time so I went with the first example I could think of.

Here’s my take on the issue: groups two and three are the same group: people tired of Mercy being too strong, always being all over the forums, and the increasingly toxic, personal, and/or entitled approach these discussions have been taking.

huh??? mass res HAS been denied, you probably have seen these words before:

“we feel like Mercy is in a good spot right now” WITHOUT MASS REZ

and let me tell you, I have been banned as well because I lose my temper with, you know, you, and we all might be banned for calling you every word on the dictionary that is derogatory but we are still winning, Mercy is how she is in the game whether you like it or not and she has been like this for over a year, get over it

I mean, I’m not saying they should leave Mercy underpowered or anything, but…

In the great scheme of heroes nerfed into F tier, most of the other supports have had it much worse for much longer.

So don’t act like this is a unique and horrible crime they’ve done to Mercy. Ana has been worse off than Mercy is now most of the time that she’s existed.


I’ll concede that she’s doing Okay in pro scrims. I have no access to those, so I have no information to add. She also seems to be played in the Overwatch world cup. But she doesn’t seem to be doing Okay in the actual game that most players play, up to and including gm. The statistics point strongly to that.

It’s not really fine for a character with a very large player base to be in a state that’s not viable outside of pro play.

This is pretty much the biggest issue that’s going on currently.

Unless the news is something that people (mostly those who really want to see Mercy-related things) want, they’re going to get flamed, called “useless”, “idiotic”, “careless”, and all sorts of bold and outlandish phrases when it’s really uncalled for.

I may not agree with a lot of Blizzard’s decisions, but even I acknowledge the fact that the behavior and vitriol thrown towards their way regarding Mercy is a bit too much.

I mean, I can understand if this was EA we were dealing with, which in that case the hate is well-deserved.

…but some of the things said about Blizzard in regards to Mercy?