Tank mains keep complaining and no response from devs

A lot of tank mains on the forums have a common complaint that they do not like the current Orisa/road hog meta.

DPS and supports be having a lot of choices, but us tank mains only have two 90% of the time.

Also lets not forget the tankpocalypse where armor was nerfed across the board. How about giving DPS something similar?

The game heavily caters to DPS mains, which is not surprising since that is the biggest player base. DPS heroes tend to have the biggest impacts in matches and thus always have an easier time to climb.

Blizzard remember not everyone likes to play DPS/Support, how about give us tank mains equality.

P.S. buff D.va


Damage dealers have way more power creep compared to the other roles. With 2-2-2 role lock coming in, Tank mains will be even more helpless. If your DPS are trash, then you are losing SR and there is nothing you can do about it.


Dps and support mains are complaining too. Playing into orisa hog so often isnt enjoyable for people of all roles.

That is currently orisa. There is a reason why she is pretty much a must pick at the top.


I’m wondering if you can substantiate this claim


You have trouble climbing on Orisa/Hog? Wow… K. No wonder you mad.

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Geoff Goodman responded to this back in one of the stunball metas:

Summary: dev team can use constructive feedback to make tanking better, rants aren’t very constructive.

That being said, the tank role has taken two steps forward and two dozen steps back since then so I don’t have very high expectations. Actually, I have no expectations, which is why I play supports over tanks now.


thanks for posting something that was made almost a year ago and that isnt even relevant to whats going on now.


Orisa has had no changes to put her on top. Rein is in the dumpster because the off tanks that compliment him are on the dumpster. Dps have powercrept and off tanks have been getting nerfed non stop on thier ability to tank.

The devs have been balancing the game for goats that they completely screwed over normal comps. If you want to fix the issue. Dps need a damage nerf and offtanks need to be actual tanks again and not fat flimsy Dps. Then rein and Winston won’t die to a sneeze and can have tanks to actually support them


Playing against Orisa’s shield is fun and entertaining.


Lets be honest here DPS only have a few viable choices as well. If you aren’t running either Mccree, Widow, Hanzo, Sombra, Doomfist, then you’re probably not getting as much value.

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That is the biggest lie I have seen in my entire life.
-DPS has the most niche heroes in the game. Some are borderline useless.
-Supports create metas
And if DPS is being catered, why were there 2 metas where DPS were unused entirely?

Quit lying. DPS has it the worst


Well said dude. This should be their plan for 2-2-2


i check these forums everyday and often. I dont see that many posts about Tank mains. :wink:

What I mainly see is :

  • Nerf Widow.
  • Mercy Revert.
  • Smurffs need banz.
  • Nerf Sombra.
  • Fix Match Maker
  • FIX the Game engine. - Consistent FPS on high settings is bad.

Tanks are fine, people just like to complain

The armor nerf hardly even did anything, I certainly don’t notice it

This is Orisa’s 1st time being meta, and Orisa & Hog have only been meta for what, 2 months now?
Where as Reinhardt, D. Va, & Zarya were meta for over a year.


yeah bc we tank mains love having limited options

I don’t think that’s the OP’s point. The OP’s point is how Orisa/Hog feels mandatory in most games, which isn’t fun (unless you happen to main those heroes by choice).

I mean people hate on shields in general. Which is funny because rein shield is more Mobile. But, Orias shield gets more hate. :thinking:

Well, I can also say that I don’t share that sentiment

Orisa/Hog is very susceptile to being run over without the shield even coming into play. Taking good routes, running dive, hitting them with an EMP, there’s plenty of options here that work and reliably at that

Bunker is a flawed comp due to the glaring weakness of bad close range power, which is important in an objective based game

Dps have always had to many heros. while at the same time begin the ones most unwilling to play more than one role. And their one of main reason we might get 2-2-2 role. Look at bap a niche support. It’s almost as if support are finally get enough hero’s.


Tank main here and I can not substantiate these claims… I love Orisa, she’s in one of the best states she’s ever been in and personally enjoy learning hog more and expanding my hero pool… I think a lot of times people mistake their own dislikes for being the overall consensus

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