Mercy can't possibly have been designed by someone who loves playing her

Making a new thread so not to derail the “devs hate tanks” thread.

I find it very hard to believe that any developer who regularly play Mercy and love playing her could have ever come up with her current kit and then have the audacity to call it a success. I think even most people who currently enjoy playing Mercy would agree that the rework was a failure due to her being so OP for such a long time. And I know there are many who find the entire rework to be a complete and utter failure from a design standpoint; people who found the rework made her boring and unengaging to play.

The devs are not our allies, at least they are not my allies. I personally think they’ve continuously made the game worse since January 2017. And I know that feedback about what we like and dislike about Mercy has been provided to the point of frustration setting in. While I agree that there are a lot of topics bringing up the same things over and over again (and this is another Mercy thread, sorry), it is due to the utter and absolute silence and ignorance from the dev team. I can not possibly accept Jeff’s statement as truth, because from my perspective the devs have no idea how to make Mercy fun, or they simply don’t care.

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Don’t confuse silence, and them not saying what you want to hear.


They dont make threads or updates about every hero in the game that needs a fine tuning. The Pharah change was out of left field until days before it happened, Reaper hasnt been discussed at all and I feel that kit is less engaging than mercy’s. This is just another Mercy thread. They said they were happy with the support changes last dev update and the new meta its brought in. You dont need a baby monitor on the status of mercy.


You mean things like “We think she’s in a good place right now” followed by another nerf? I don’t think their words are worth anything. I don’t care what they say because there are a lot of lies or statements that turn out to be false. I care what they do, and so far they have shown that they don’t know how to make Mercy fun, or that they don’t care to make Mercy fun. Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion and if you find Mercy fun to play right now then good for you.


I don’t really think it’s that serious

Besides, we sure know Michael Chu loves mercy at least :eyes:


Well, this thread isn’t really about asking for updates on Mercy’s state. It’s about questioning Jeff’s statement. I personally believe it’s a lie, because I can’t possibly imagining any of their dev team members thinking her current kit is “a good idea” in hindsight if they truly enjoyed and loved playing Mercy.


How do we know that? (honest question, if you have a quote you could link me it would be appreciated). Also, do we know if Michel Chu loves playing Mercy or just likes Mercy’s lore? Those are two very different things.


it’s a joke about how Genji is rumored to be a wish fulfillment character and we all know he’s pushing for gency lol


Ah, I see…

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When Mercy players say they don’t find her fun anymore, they don’t want to hear “we think she’s balanced and viable”. Aside from them nerfing her several times after these statements, it doesn’t actually address the issue being presented - that a character isn’t as enjoyable anymore.

Hence the perceived “silence”. It’s like asking if pets are allowed in the hotel room and being told that you have to check out before 11 am.


i dont think the devs have the time to devote to “loving” every aspect of 28+ heroes kits… Sometimes balancing changes have to come in the form of “this is the most balanced way we can implement this character while still letting her fulfill her role, and people can enjoy it and have a healthy game overall”. Not “this character has to be the pinnacle of fun every time you play it”


As much as I wish the devs would be “on our side” to make the game more fun/better it does look like they dont care about Mercy anymore. And yes I know there are other heroes being ignored as well (Bastion, Reaper, “whatever else you like”).
I also think they pretty much cornered themselves with this rework and little to no communication. If we get a message about Mercy it is not even related to our problems with her.


I enjoy playing Mercy and I think her current kit is successful.


Yes, mercy is the worst hero in overwatch and always was. /s

When mercy was the best healer all ana mains were rarely vocal. Now that ana outshines mercy all mercy mains complain to infinity any beyond.

Suck it up. Meta changes, sometimes even in healing department. Either embrace the changes or quit yapping. Your call.


The hero was the strongest for TWO years both BEFORE and AFTER the rework. Quiet the hell down, they don’t hate any hero they created. In-fact they were so biased towards Mercy they decide to take their bloody time tuning her to avoid even more rage from the cult. Otherwise she would have gotten tuned down as fast as Bastion, but she is far more popular.


Excuse me, I was very vocal. I have more threads on Ana than Mercy. It’s just that because Ana doesn’t attract as much attention because they have fewer mains compared to Mercy people never noticed these threads.


But we don’t hear ANYTHING. That’s the problem.


If you don’t care you wouldn’t have taken the time for this. Don’t front. You care too much.


last dev update they literally said they were happy with the support changes


My bad, I worded it badly. I am certain there were players out there talking about ana, but as you said, because of popularity ana was buried under mercy.

Now mercy mains are annoying because of that same reason.