💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored

I just messaged her.

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Oh okay, but we just gotta wait to see when

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jesus christ this has so much attention yet no response


Yea… I can’t say if All of the attention was deserved, But… It was given.
(Mainly because i meme pretty hard sometimes…)

And yet, Zero response from the devs… it’s a bit disheartening.

Mercy and Bastion mains might as well make a #ForeverAlone meme at this point with regards to dev feed-back… especially Bastion mains. I’m beginning to think they forgot about you completely!


I’m so glad they have addressed every hero, and shown to actually care about not only the balance of the game, but the perception of the players. :blush:

So glad about that/s

So… Jeff took the time to post That on a thread claiming they didn’t care…
But it’s not worth their time to post in the very threads he says are more helpful overall?


What a way to encourage better discussion and overall faith in the developer team… Like, i wanna like you jeff. I really do.


Kinda how I feel about Titanium’s thread - the discussion there has been very constructive and civil, but they won’t even take the time to say “these are interesting ideas, but they are not what we envisioned for Mercy” or whatever. Instead that kind of title got an answer.


It really does puzzle me… Like, Jeff! I’m raising my hand! I have input!

Please. ;-;
We want to give you Informations.


i love whene they take care of ALL the heros :3


Hey Dr. Clan you have Discord right ;-;?

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diego, terran, chibi and dr on a interview with aria…
is this another dream?


Also Astro, he just needs to accept the friendship petition from Aria and that’s it uwu


I don’t know, maybe :thinking:?

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I joined the discord. There’s so many people there.

I thought it was only Chibi Dr and Diego though?

I do now :sunglasses:

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Accept Aria’s petition and you are in my friend uwu

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I can ask if you want to join the interview owo

IDK maybe. I don’t want to just jump in the middle even though Aria asked you guys specifically though.

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Ask! I would be glad to have you there to correct everything Chibi gets wrong. :sweat_smile:

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