(EDIT: i dont actually think they hate tank players)

There is really no main tank role in how dive works since both tanks have to work together and their target is not protecting the team but negating disrupt the enemy. It is just an anomaly of the dive meta itself.

his qualities fall in line more with a main tanks job than an off tanks job.

Of the top 5 hero pickrates in GM, four are of tanks: Rein, Zarya, D.Va, and Winston, in that order. Balance-wise none of these four are UP, and dare I say you could make the case that right now, Rein might be slightly OP.

Body blocking does not a main tank make. Off-tanks body block just as much. Disruption either; D.Va and hog can be just as disruptive. Hammond does not have enough mass protection capability to be a main tank.


Ugh, not this again.
7 tanks, 14 DPS. Best comp is 2-2-2. Do your math.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


I’m perfectly capable of adding, thank you very much :wink:

It’s not my fault that Blizz created a game that has been in a 2-2-2 meta for some time despite the fact that there are more DPS thank tanks and supports combined.


who said anything about body blocking…

like he goes at the front of the team, he initiates fights…

he literally pushes W first in the team, its that simple im not having the semantics argument because you think a main tank is a dude that just stands in front of your healer with a shield like the other dude.

any other questions just go watch any game over 4000 sr or any pro playing him at a high rank and see if he is run with a Dva or some other main tank.

since those people know more about that game than you or me just go with that.

There are more DPS because that’s always the most popular role, in every game.
You’re not supposed to have more DPS in proportion in your team, 2-2-2 has always been the most balanced team comp.
Because of that, you’ll see the supports and tanks obviously get picked a lot more than DPS. Not because they’re stronger, but because they’re necessary to a balanced team.
Look at QP pickrates, and you see DPS competing with tanks and supports for spots.

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There is. The main tank in a dive comp is the tank responsible for the initiation of the dive and controlling long range space (through a shield or disruption). Historically, this has been Winston in the Winston/D.Va dive. The off tank brings a higher damage follow-up and helps control space around the main tank, kill things, and keep the main tank alive.


Whatever dude. The point is he is used to harass the enemies and not to protect his team since they are all mobile characters and can care for themselves.

I think Hammond’s role is somewhat fluid depending on the comp. In a Hammond/D.Va comp, he is a main tank. He initiates. He gets everyone focused on him. And she is cleanup. But if he’s in a triple dive setup, I think he’s an off tank and I still see Winston as the lead role.

We’re all still figuring him out though, so my opinion today may not be my opinion in a few months.

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Yes. He can lead in dive but he just can’t replace rein or orisa in other comps.

Agreed. In a non-dive comp, Hammond is an off-tank. The anchor tank is always the main tank in any slower comp even if you plop a dive hero into it.

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Oh you didn’t know? Devs hate all heroes that aren’t DPS heroes. Get used to it dude.

Well, technically, Reinhardt is the only tank who doesn’t take a off tank role in any comp. Orisa is at least an off tank when played with Reinhardt.


You are like the only person i’ve seen saying that …general consensus has WB as an off-tank and many of us play it that way.

yep, they nerfed DVA, Zarya, RH…
Orisa buff? takes forever…

you wanna play tank? you may be better off playing Brig…

They nerfed Wrecking Ball too.

I understand that you’re having some frustration with something. But saying we hate tanks is a bit hyperbolic. We love this game and pour everything we have into it. For example, these are my top tank heroes played with hours listed…


We play and love all of the roles and all of the heroes. A more helpful discussion would focus on what you like and don’t like about playing different heroes or roles and less about making assumptions about the people who make the game and are here as your allies to make OW better. We’re in it together…


Of all the threads you could grace with a reply, it’s this one?